Wonderful phrases of new lovers

Beautiful phrases of new lovers

When a love relationship begins we have hope and happiness in our life. When you find a person to love and love us it is spectacular. There is nothing cuter than knowing that there is someone who has the same feelings for us, someone who shares life with us, someone who just being close gives us happiness. At the moment couples start a relationship they share the most beautiful stage of their love.

They have the feeling of being very much in love and with the ability to do anything for the loved one, they feel that there are no borders if they are next to each other. Do you just start a love relationship and want to express what you feel to your better half? If so, you came to the perfect place. In this report, we will show you some prayers of new lovers. Send these prayers as a text message to your partner and show him how happy you are to have started this love.

Free list of phrases of new lovers:

– “I feel that I am living in another world because I have the sensation of walking on clouds and that I am breathing love, I love you and I am lucky because the same thing happens to you”

– “Being with you is like fulfilling a dream, what makes me good is your love because it gives me joy in every fiber of my being”

– “I was sure that we would both live this love because our souls have the same color, you are everything to me”

– “I feel that the time for when we are together, my heart gives stronger beats when we kiss you, I am certain that I will love you forever”

– “I had never felt anything similar before meeting you, today that you are mine you have become part of my life”

– “Every time we talked, I was sure that we were very similar and that makes me very happy because you are with me, with all my heart I love you”

– “They would waste time trying to separate us, what unites us is authentic love, a beautiful feeling” 

– “I wish I could get a space ship to travel with you to the moon and there contemplate how tiny the world is compared to how immense our love is”

– “I think our love is made by destiny because together with your heart with mine is perfect”

– “You are my queen, for you, I would be able to make a jump from an airplane without using a parachute, for you I could spill all my blood until nothing runs through my veins”

– “I feel the repeated message of my heart that tells me that you are the love of my life and my eyes tell me that they need to see you so that my spirit is happy, I love you”

– “I will remain under the dominion of my heart, I will love and care for you as if you were my life and I will not allow anyone to work against our love” 

– “Give me the gift of a smile to dream without sleep and feed my heart that is hungry for your love, my life needs you as a perfect complement”

– “Just seeing you I am happy and being together I cannot explain it, all I can say, everything I feel is infinite, I love you”

We wish that these prayers of new lovers are to your liking. Show your new partner that your love feelings are pure and authentic.


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