Wonderful Love Phrases

Beautiful love phrases

Nowadays love is a feeling that you can express in a thousand ways, either with facts or with messages of love for text messages in which in a few words you can express what you feel for being loved or loved and let you know that she / He is part of your world.

Nowadays you can listen almost every day to I love you very much or I love you but there are other words that mean the same thing and will demonstrate how special your partner is for you. Do you want to send beautiful phrases and/or messages full of love to your lover?

Below you can find the most sincere and full of passion text messages, honey that will help you feed the relationship. With messages of love, you could make it grow more every day.

Free list of love phrases:

– “If you allow me I would like to spend my whole life with you, fulfill our goals and desires together, have many children and look like you, have your beautiful smile, your way of being and that great heart that made me fall in love of you. I adore you.”

– “I was a very introverted person everything blushed I was not able to approach a girl and tell her a compliment but that day I saw you I forgot how shy she was and just wanted to admire your beauty and tell you how beautiful you were. ”

– “Before I had come to think that I was living an intense love but time made me see that there had been illusions of passing things, however since I have you by my side I feel that everything is different I just knew what it is to love.”

– “I cannot lower the stars or give you a castle, but if I can show you that you are my queen and I am your slave because today that you have given me your heart I will take care of it like a crystal.”

– “I am white and you are black, I am poor and you are rich, I was born in a cradle of gold and you were born in a cradle of bronze, but the only thing that matters is that we both love each other and that the rest does not count. ”

– “I love you so much that for you I would give my life to save yours and from heaven, I would become your angel and protect you, but thank God we are healthy and here on earth I will make you very happy.”

– “Sometimes when I go out to walk to the park I see the couples fighting and many of them breaking but ours is different. There is never any discussion. We always look forward together, just by looking at our bodies you can feel. I adore you.”

– “If there was a stairway to heaven, I would ask you to let me go to the top to allow me to catch a star and bring it to you in honor of our love. My world has become a magical world full of love thanks to you.

– “I met many girls who always wanted to give me their love but I was reluctant to fall in love and let them pass, instead of when I saw you for the first time I opened the doors of my heart to you to enter and feel what we feel today our love.”

– “I feel that every day that passes I find more reasons to feel the love I feel for you, I am falling in love more and more that I cannot explain it, I am sure that I will make you very happy.”

We are sure that these beautiful messages of love for text messages will be very helpful and pleasing to your partner.


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