Very Good Pride Phrases For Love

When we feel that love plays tricks on us, the world is falling apart, we begin to believe that there will never be a solution for anything else. Depression becomes so large that it clogs your chest and you don’t know how to react. Usually, when a couple ends, it is when pride prevents them from going backward.

Next, we will leave you some sentences through which you can express that feeling that you need to let go. Pride is sometimes a defense weapon that you need to know how to handle. Take a look and share the phrases you want.

Free list of pride phrases for love:

– “When I met you, I thought you were ideal for me, but today I feel better knowing that I have freed you. Go your own way, that I already chose mine. ”

– “Between love and my own being, I choose myself, because nothing is more important than my own happiness. And I say goodbye to you. ”

– “Too bad it could never work, I can’t say anything else, I can never forgive you again.”

– “My pride is stronger than what I can feel so that the vine between you and I remains in the past forever.”

– “We were wrong to be together. I could never be by your side again considering what you did to me. I deserve to be happy next to who deserves the love I give him. ”

– “You are nothing else in my life. My pride will overcome suffering because it will never make me return to your side. It’s all and looks no further. ”

– “Pride is the remedy for excessive passions because it will never fall again. I don’t need sufferings by my side, all I want is a happy life. I hope you don’t come back here. ”

– “True love does not exist, it is only part of the stories, I only believe in stability, my pride will always save me.”

– “Today I leave you free to go around the world and meet many people. So you can realize that a love like the one I gave you, you will never find in anyone else. ”

– “Life was unfair to me, but maybe it was also unfair to you. No one expected us to separate, but their pride is stronger than anything else. I’m really sorry, but it won’t be me who silk. Have luck in your life. ”

They say that pride is never good, but, although it is true, it helps you feel better sometimes or at times, so express through these phrases what you want and feel that you tell that person that it made you feel bad. In love, one must be clear that one cannot play, because the feelings of each person are sacred.


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