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Search phrases to break the ice with a girl on Facebook

Facebook is a social network widely used by all these days. In the world, the person who does not have a profile on Facebook is rare, since it is used for games, talking with friends, commenting on photos, creating events, promoting business or simply for entertainment, among many other things.

Also, through Facebook it is possible to meet new people and make friends; many people have met good friends and even their partners by this mean, of course, always taking precaution. And as this happens constantly, the boys are the ones who care about how to break the ice and start a pleasant conversation with a nice girl through Facebook chat.

This section is directed towards the latter, to those who have met a pretty girl in person and have asked for her Facebook account, or to those who want to start talking to someone whose profile attracts them, because the problem is what we can tell this person.

You might like a girl a lot, but if you don’t have the guts to start a fun and entertaining conversation with her, you’ll never get what you expect. Next, some phrases to break the ice on Facebook.

Download free beautiful phrases to seduce a girl on Facebook:

– “Hello, it’s true that you don’t know me, but surfing the net I found your account, and in the profile picture you look very pretty. Apparently, we live in the same district and know some of my friends. Without offending, and only if you wish, we could talk a little, my name is (name,) and I hope you agree that we can talk a little. I wait for your answer”.

– “Hi, I’m (name), the guy you met today (the place where they exchanged words for the first time). The truth is that I liked you very much, and I wish we could talk a little if you agree. Let me tell you that you look very pretty in your photos. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. See you soon”.

– “Greetings, my name is (name). Just passing through here and I found your profile, the truth is that I think we have very similar tastes, only if it seems good, I wish we could talk a little more. Thank you for your attention, and I await your response. ” 

– “Hi, I’m (name), the new boy from school. Let me tell you that I loved meeting you, you will understand that being new is complicated, but I hope to make a nice friendship with you because I liked you very much. I hope we can talk soon”.

– Hi, how are you? This time I come to tell you that by describing your profile you seem to be a very interesting girl, and I would very much like to know you a little more since I think we could exchange many ideas. I hope to speak to you soon. A greeting”.

These are all polite ways to start talking to a girl you just met on Facebook, because only the disrespectful begin to compliment women without knowing them, and this is very uncomfortable for them. I hope you are lucky with the girl you just met, and perhaps from that beautiful friendship, something much prettier may emerge in the future. See you next time with more free tips!

Find nice phrases for my Facebook contacts

Facebook has become a means of social communication widely accepted by people who are up to date with technology.

Thanks to this medium, your communications can reach any part of the world instantly, just having an internet connection and chatting with people who are far away, recovering friendships that you had stopped seeing a long time ago, sharing your photographs, experiences, as well as giving good Tips and words of encouragement.

Surely you have some contacts on your list that you know need some words of motivation to make them reflect and do something more productive for their lives. We invite you to read and download this article some ideal phrases to share on Facebook.

“You are a person who has freedom of thought, who acts of your own will and no matter how much you have an idea or objective you should not allow the obsession to bind you to impossible dreams.”

“Only if you stumble will you learn to walk carefully, sometimes it is necessary for you to move forward and not to look badly at your failures in the background. Destiny wants to show you that you are a person very capable of moving forward despite the difficulties”.

“It is not very tasty to achieve something without having cost you a lot, if you do not sweat it, if there is no effort involved, it may be difficult for you to assess what you got.”

“To reach the goal you have to work hard and deserve what you have achieved because otherwise, you would not be honest with yourself by getting something that someone provided or did not give your best to achieve it.”

“To reach a goal you must set a time that does not necessarily have to be exact to be fulfilled, because obstacles may arise that will take you a little longer to get what you want.”

“You spend many hours connected to Facebook, or to enter this social network and browse the life of your contacts you always give yourself some time, better dedicate yourself to yours and use this medium for more productive things.”

“We have all come to this planet to fulfill a mission and it is in each one to carry it out, therefore you have to choose if you want to go unnoticed in this world or leave your tracks.”

“In your life, you will run into mediocre people who only do things by obligation and not by devotion. Do not be conformist and try to do what you like best. ”

“If you get discouraged by the idea that realizing your dream will take time away, think that this will happen anyway and you better try to do something useful than waste it uselessly.”

“Continuing your struggle to achieve your dreams can make some people make you see that what you want is not possible or is not convenient for you. You will get nothing if you do not risk and there is no greater satisfaction than to show what others did not believe you would achieve. ”

Use social networks to send original motivational messages through them. Come back soon through this website to download the best phrases to share with your friends for free.


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