Top Birthday Phrases For My Love


All the people look forward to a specific day, and that day is their birthday. Thus, most people like the idea of ​​being congratulated, greeted, accompanied, entertained and being the center of attention for a day, because we all deserve this even once a year, and for that reason, we must celebrate birthdays.

In this way, if your boyfriend is celebrating his birthday, do not hesitate to give him a big surprise, to give him many gifts, and affection because as well as women, men also like to be treated well, on the day of your saint. In this way, you can send one of the following free phrases, which will make you smile for how tender they are.

Find original long birthday greetings for my crush:

“You gave me a reason to live, you filled my whole heart with love, and you are the king of my castle. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re the most special thing in the world to me; therefore, today is your birthday, I can conceal everything you want, and you will be glad to receive a good gift that you do not expect. With all my heart, I wish you, my love, a happy birthday, and may all your dreams come true. I will never forget you and I hope you don’t do it either. ”

“For a whole month, I have been wondering how I can do to surprise you on your birthday, and how I could make you happy, through a gift or taking you to dinner at a nice place. Thus, the ideas began to flow, and all this surprise that your eyes have seen, I expressed; I don’t know how it occurred to me, but I think it’s because of you I feel something very special that is difficult for me to explain. I know that I will love you forever and even after death. Happy birthday, my love, I love you very much, my dear boyfriend. ”

“For me, the most important day of the year is your birthday because you already know how I am and how I like to treat you on that day. So, for a day as special as this, we must prepare. I hope you have an amazing birthday and for that, I will personally take care of all the details. I already invited all your friends and close family, so this meeting will be spectacular. I hope you like your gift, happy day my king. ”

“I love you in a thousand ways. You know that I am crazy about you and that I would do everything to see you happy. Consequently, this is a very special day, for both, as it is your birthday. So, I promise you that when you get home, you will find a super surprise to brighten your day. I will not be able to tell you anything else, otherwise, I would spoil the surprise. Congratulations and I hope you turn many more years with me. ”

“I have so much love inside me, that I feel that I will explode. Therefore, I just want to thank God for the opportunity to spend your first birthday with you. In this way, I ask our Father to pour out many blessings on you and fill you with health. ”

“On this day I give you my crown so that it is you who commands in this castle. Thus, you will be the king. You know you’re the most important person in my life, so much so that I can’t imagine her without you. That’s why I want to give you a big hug, and lots of kisses for your birthday. ”

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful free phrases, to dedicate to your boyfriend on his birthday. Check back soon for more free phrases of different types! We will wait for you!

Find nice birthday phrases for my love

When your great love’s birthday arrives, you want to give him so many surprises that you don’t decide for one. You feel a huge desire to be able to surprise that special person with thousands of conceits. How about a sweet present accompanied by a beautiful dedication of love for his day? We are sure you will appreciate it very much.

In this section of the web, we will leave you some dedications that you can offer him on his birthday. Check our list and choose the ones you like best for your love. Remember that they are free and available at all times.

Download free beautiful birthday phrases for my love:

– “May God enlighten you and fill you with blessings on this special day, my love. You are the light that illuminates my life. Happy birthday, I love you until eternity. ”

– “The day you were born, my queen, all the flowers were born, you are the person I love and with whom I want to be all my life. Thank you very much for being by my side. Happy birthday to you, my sweet love. ”

– “You are like an angel that illuminates all my life, since I am with you I see the world in another way, and being with you fills me with emotion, and knowing that today is your birthday, makes me compose a melody that plays your heart. Congratulations on your onomastic, my beloved. ” 

– “Happy birthday, a little piece of heaven. You are my greatest treasure and that is why I love you much more as of today. God bless you always”.

– “Congratulations to my sweet love in your day. This will be a moment you will never forget because you will live next to your best friends and your great love. I love you forever, my life. ”

– “The one that today is your birthday does not mean that you get older, but more handsome every day, congratulations on my love.”

– “You are my sweet love, the person I love most in life, and today that is your birthday, I come to wish you all the joy. Congratulations, my darling. ”

– “We were born to be together, my love, and today I would simply like to tell you that I wish you the best in the world, that you remain the person I fell in love with. Happy Birthday my love”. 

– “On this special day, your birthday is to be celebrated, look around and blow out the candles that the fun is about to begin. Happy birthday, my beloved. ”

– “The world was surprised to see your beauty when you were born; Today that beauty has doubled my love, and all I want is for you to always be very happy. I will always try to make you. Happy Birthday”.

Surprise your love with beautiful words of greeting for his birthday, you will see that he will love receiving such a beautiful detail as such. A birthday dedication is always a good idea to brighten that special person’s day.

Come back soon for more greetings, we have plenty for you. Messages for all occasions, sample letters, and free advice is what you will find on this page made especially for you. Until the next opportunity!


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