The Best Phrases Of I Think You Don’t Love Me | I feel you don’t love me poems anymore

Phrases I think you don’t love me

All relationships go through ups and downs. There will be times when you will feel very happy and fortunate to be with the person you love but there will also be times when things do not go well between you and you will begin to wonder if he or she still loves you.

If you feel that your partner does not act with you as he used to and that each time the distance between you is accentuated, say so in a subtle and direct way. Below we will show you a list of phrases I think you don’t love me. Send one of these phrases to your partner and let him know what you think of the current moment of the relationship between them.

I feel that you no longer love me as before phrases to download:

– “I love you and my feelings for you have not changed but I feel that you are not the same as before, I look at your eyes and I feel that you are not happy, I think you do not love me”

– “I left everything to start a new life with you but I see that you do not care, if you do not love me and I was only a whim tell me now that I do not want to continue with this uncertainty”

– “I have shown you in a thousand ways that I care about you and that I am in love with you but you have never moved a single finger to show that you love me”

– “Love is something of two, if you want to continue with me, give me proof of your love or you are no longer in love with me”

– “I think ours is over because when I kiss you I no longer feel the same passion, it hurts to say it but you have to know it, I have stopped loving you”
– “You used to do everything to be with me but now you are looking for any excuse to avoid seeing me, I think you don’t love me and that you want me out of your life” 

– “I think that the love that was between us spent so much on using it, it is best that we end all this because I do not feel anything for you”

– “Your eyes reflect something you do not dare to say, I have realized that you have changed your way of being, I think the promise of love we made will not be fulfilled”

– “Every day that passes I feel that the distance between the two gets bigger, I think that the love that once existed between you and me has come to an end” 

– “At the beginning of our relationship I was sure of what I felt for you but with time the doubts have begun to appear, I do not want to think badly about you but I think that I am no longer the only one in your life, if you want to leave with another, Tell me you don’t love me anymore and you’ll have the freeway.”

– “I think you do not love me as before, you have stopped being kind and affectionate, now you are cold and distant”

We are sure that these phrases of I think you do not love me will help you express what you feel. Remember, when love ends it is better to say goodbye.

Sense phrases for my boyfriend who is distant with me

Life is not easy, and relationships are even less easy. In this way, when there is chemistry everything is fine; but when everything starts beautiful, and there, there is some slip the relationship can collapse, and that is what you have to take care of, always being honest with our partner.

That is, we must make the relationship grow every day, so as not to reach monotony; instead, be happy and live life to the fullest. Next, we are leaving you some heartfelt free phrases for my boyfriend, who is distant with me.

If you don’t love me anymore, just tell me texts to send:

“When the person is not for you, it is not, but if you love it; and he wants to do his part so that the relationship they have does not go to the water; surely they will succeed. So, my love, let’s talk, in order to solve, all the problems we have had. Also, my life, remember that to want is power; and if there is true love between us, everything will be fixed. Come on, let’s not let love go; Well, who knows later, we could repent. ”

“I was wrong and I think I am in time to recover your love. Therefore, I ask you, would you accept me again in your life? You know, I’ve been very tired all these days; Well, I’ve had too much stress, which has made me not making the right decision. That is why my love, I ask you to give me a second chance; and that you help me also to save ours, because for me it is very clear, that we care for each other ”.

“I got tired of waiting for you; well, you never dared to ask for my hand. Thus, I have come to think that you do not love me and that you are not sure of your feelings towards me; and that is why, I have decided to let you free, free as the wind, for you to think about it; and you realize, truly, if you love me, or if ours was the only custom. In this way, let time pass; because if we truly love each other, we will get together again.

“If we are for each other, it will be, and if not, I tell you right away that you were a beautiful person in my life. So, I’ve loved you so much; and I will always remember you. In this way, time will pass; and surely, a series of things will happen; for example, it is possible that in that period, you meet someone; and me in the same way. For all this, we will see what our hearts tell us, how our feelings are, if these are true, or if everything was a simple custom. Anyway, I know that I will miss you very much. ”

“Love, I want to know, if there is another person in your life because I feel you quite distant from me. Thus, I can realize that you are not the same happy person, and enthusiastic that always came, to meet me. Therefore, I ask you to speak please; and let us not let time run, and that I suffer for what I can imagine. Come on, be brave and let’s talk once and for all. ” 

“I feel sad and my heart cries because he realizes that you are not the same with me. So, I am not expecting, or enduring, to recover, unless, you are going through difficult times, which I ignore, because you do not tell me. Therefore, I ask you to talk to me. Come on, tell me please; and tell me if you want me to continue, by your side, or if ours already was.

Come back soon, for other free phrases! Until next time! We’ll be waiting for you!


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