The best phrases about a love disappointment

Fabulous phrases of love disappointment

In the least expected moment of our lives, love can appear and can also end in the same way. There is no doubt that love is a precious feeling that we all like but the suffering caused by the distance of the being we love is tremendous and is felt in the heart.

When girls feel love for a boy we believe that we have found the ideal person to live our lives accompanied but the truth is that in most cases the love relationships do not last, especially if they are occurring among young people.

At the end of a relationship with a boy we will feel a great sorrow plus a great responsibility for not having managed to last with the man we wanted. Do you want to show what you feel after you run out of your boy’s love? In this report we show you a series of sentences if you lose the boy you love.

Free list of love decease phrases:

– “He is no longer in my life and will not return, he told me that he really loved me but he really lied to me all the time”

– “I was a game for him and when he got bored he left me as a used toy, I never want to know about you bad person”

– “When he kissed me and caressed me he did it to keep a deception that had me out of reality because he never had any love for me”

– “All my heart ended up broken because the love he proclaimed for me was a hoax, today I am here without stopping crying for his cause”

– “I have the certainty that he does not deserve to suffer for him but it is inevitable for me, finally I was in love with him”

– “In his life, he only took me as a game, he made me do a lot of things for his love and finally he left me with my heart in his hand” 

– “It seems that everything we shared didn’t make any sense to him, he told me that he doesn’t love me anymore and left with another woman”

– “Before he looked at me with a look full of love for me but when I left I noticed that he looked at me with a look of man without feelings”

– “They always gave me the warning that I was a bad man and I didn’t want to give credit to anything, today I have to accept what happened and send it to complete oblivion”

– “Sometimes the girls allow us to be fascinated by an attractive face but the truth is that inwardly men can have a hidden devil that leaves hearts broken to women”

– “Since he left I learned that I do not have to fall in love with that form of a man, I say goodbye to him permanently and completely” 

– “Everything that was in my hand I tried to recover the relationship but he did not do the same and left, not guilty, maybe it is the best for us”

– “Everything we had planned for the two of them ended their farce, it hurts me in the deepest that has ever been sincere with me”

– “I gave everything of me but gave me the worst payment to that delivery, it was preferable that at least I had finished with me before leaving with another”

We want these prayers if you lose the boy you love to be useful for you to express and lessen your grief because your relationship ended.


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