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Love messages for Whatsapp

Being in love elevates you to a state in which you feel the need to express your feelings to your partner, even though things are going well between you and it seems unnecessary to have to repeat how much you love him, it does not hurt to surprise your Sweet half with a romantic phrase.

In this article we propose the best examples of romantic thoughts for your girlfriend.
Read and download the best romantic message that in this opportunity you would like to send or express personally to your great love.

Search original romantic messages for Whatsapp:

“In my life I can wish for many things but the most important of all is that you never leave my side “.

“It’s great to be together every time our eyes meet, I feel as if I walk without stepping on the ground”.

“You are the light of my eyes, the air I breathe, the smell of damp earth when it rains, the fresh air of a night illuminated by the moon and the stars”.

“I only ask you to give me your love to feel your warmth , and take refuge in the sweetness of your kisses”.

“My eyes shine with the light of your eyes, you are my sun, my thoughts, and every time I feel lost I only think of you to recover the meaning of life”.

“You make my days unforgettable and your sweet smile makes me live moments of great happiness”.

“The strongest emotions are those that remain inside you after they happened, that’s why my love for you is permanent.”

Beautiful messages of love for cell phone:

“Your love inspires me to conquer the world, to continue loving us will make our feeling go beyond the universe that surrounds us”.

“Because you are my star, my only desire is to be able to admire you and love you for a lifetime”.

“I looked for you everywhere, I asked your friends if they knew about you, but you never left me because you were always inside me”.

“To see the stars I do not need to wait for a full moon night, it is only necessary to turn my gaze where you are”.

“They say that every thought of love is born a star, tonight if you look at the sky you will not need to know which was born because of you because I am here with you”.

Tender love messages for WhatsApp:

“I die and I am reborn with your love, you are like when the sun rises or the moon kisses the sea, I love to say that I love you “.

“I sent you a message in the darkness of the night, while my eyes made an effort to see the letters of the keyboard, my heart kept thinking about you “.

“I love you so much, it is so simple to say what I feel from the depth of my soul”.

“Love has no obstacles, it is lost in the universe of emotions. Love me, with you nothing does not exist, because you are everything to me. ”

“We are united by a single heart, a single heartbeat, a single breath, there is nothing that can divide us”.

Little things of love to send my boyfriend by cell phone:

“Love you are my only dream that I do not need to close my eyes to see you”.

“In these days that we dedicate ourselves to love I would like that we were the only ones to celebrate because nobody will love more than us”.

“Life is beautiful because I love you, for you to enjoy every moment, your love is the best part of my existence”.

“Some say that it is enough to lift a finger to touch the sky, for me it is only necessary to know that we love each other to feel in paradise”.

“If you could understand the immensity of my love you would know that my feeling is deeper than the sea”.

“Keep in mind that when you look at the sea you cannot see it until its end, this is my love for you, infinite as heaven”.

Romance texts to make my girlfriend fall in love:

“It is only thanks to your love that I feel happy, that I have consolation, hope, and gratitude to life”.

“Because you have been able to fill my heart with so much love you are the only reason for my life. I love you”.

“The most beautiful thing about dreaming about you is that later I realize that you are the most beautiful reality that exists in my life”.

Dedicate a romantic phrase to your partner, to surprise her and show her how in love you are. See you soon.

Cute love phrases to send on WhatsApp

Many people complain that the cell phone is a means that drives people away because communication is impersonal but this concept does not work when we know how to use it, which can be our best ally when we want to make someone fall in love with WhatsApp and send them beautiful thoughts of love.

In what comes next we present a selection of beautiful messages of love for your partner, check out and download the one you like the most.

Original love phrases to send by Whatsapp:

“For now I am nothing and I do not regret feeling this way because I know that one day I will be everything when I find you and fill the void in my heart”.

“Make me love, I also need your caresses, make me feel like it’s your love toy”.

“Let’s play as we once did as children wishing that our game would never end”.

“You have recognized me as if I belonged to you all my life and when I looked at you I felt the same”.

“Do not leave me tonight, I do not want to feel like the girl who fears the darkness, that the stars shine on us and we live our own fable”.

Phrases of love to dedicate by cell phone:

“I know a fable where the prince finds and falls in love with his princess. I will not keep telling you because I think you already guessed who I’m talking about. ”

“You have entered my mind, my heart, my veins and I have closed everything inside me because I have thrown away the keys so that you never get away from me.”

“Love when it exists is sincere and since you entered my life you have put my soul in order and repaired my broken heart”.

“You are the written thought, tattooed in infinity. You have become the perfume that invades the corners of my heart. ”

Dedications of love for Facebook:

“By your side the rain that I hated turns into drops of emotion and the sky transforms into a romantic setting”.

“Everything you do not see you feel with your heart is why I do not need to show you my love for you “.

“Your love makes me want you to have words of” forever “that last for you for a lifetime.”

“Every so often I usually lose myself, but when you realize it, you manage to return to your arms”.

“You are the only person who has collected the dry leaves and the branches torn by the wind of life to give color to my days, to give me warmth in the winter, to love me as I am”.
Download beautiful love texts for Messenger:

“I want to touch your face with your hands and kiss the lines of expression that represent the years you suffered when I walked away from you”.

“I do not want anything else in life because I do not need it, simply because I have everything with you”.

“Despite everything, I love you. With all your faults, your distractions, the problems you create, I will continue to love you today, tomorrow and always. ”

“I want to grow old with you, taking you by the hand because I look you in the eyes and there is nothing in the world that I can fear more and it is the idea of ​​losing you”.

Pretty phrases for love cards:

“I am not very expert in calculating distance, I do not know where you will be now, but what separates me in these moments of you is just a thought”.

“I love you because you are complicated, strong and fragile at the same time, you make me mad when you are indecisive and you always look irresistibly beautiful. I cannot stop going crazy when I think I might lose you. ”

“You did not realize that every time I heard your voice, your words had an effect on me as if I were a deaf person who was listening for the first time”.

“I spread my hand over your face, dried the tears from your eyes and my fingers felt the taste of the pain I caused you”.

“I feel bad because I cannot make you happy, I perceive it when I make a mistake and I feel you far away because you do not try to touch me”.

Come back soon and we assure you that we will continue surprising you with new love dedications for WhatsApp .


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