Thank you phrases for my wife who is pregnant

Every child, even if it has not been planned, is always expected with great expectation, either by the parents themselves or by the closest people among friends and family who are eager to meet the new member of the family.
It is the most beautiful moment of the couple, expecting a child with so many illusions and joy, the continuity of the parents, so our home is growing, thank you, my love, for this great joy that I feel I do not see the hours of knowing our baby.

Surely your love and your enthusiasm for becoming a Mother are so great that you will have thoughts that you would like to express either as a way to share what you feel or dedicate them to your child in a newspaper so that he knows what your emotions were while waiting for his arrival.
Here is a selection of original phrases for you to download for free and share with your child that will be born.

“I count the days left until your arrival and as that great day approaches, I keep asking God to come to this sanities and smooth world. I wait for you with a lot of love and I will wrap you with all my infinite love. You will be the joy of my home, my heart’s child. ”
:“ Another day you wake up inside me, for now, you will be warm in my belly, while I feed you so that Every day you gain more weight and you are born Santo. I take care of myself so that you are not affected and try to be calm and enjoy a quiet pregnancy while I wait for the great day that I will be able to contemplate your beautiful face. ”
“I didn’t think your wait time would pass so fast and there are only a few hours left to see you. I will miss having you inside me, but I believe that the joy of giving birth will erase all my nostalgia because I will be very happy to be able to realize all the plans that I have to give you my love and the best upbringing in the world. ”

“Today I did my first ultrasound and the images of you that showed me moved me to the point that I could not stop thanking God for having blessed me with the grace to conceive you and it really is wonderful to create a being within oneself. ”
“I am carrying the happiest pregnancy because I enjoy you every day of my life, I do not lose every detail and I write it in a diary that I bought, there I write down my thoughts, the feelings that I have, and when you are born, I will surely be missing leaves to continue this beautiful story of your life. ”
“I am in the best stage of my life, I feel fulfilled as a professional, wife and wife. I feel that since I carry you in my womb I have changed my way of being and I have become much more sensitive. From knowing that you are coming I see the world with different eyes. ”
“With you, I am beginning the great experience of becoming a Mother and a deep affection is born in me that will never be extinguished. I can stop loving your Father, I can stop having an appreciation for a friend, but my motherly love will be forever. ” 

“I keep wondering what your face will be like and I imagine you in this world. I see myself giving you my breast milk and putting the most beautiful clothes on your little body. Just thinking about your arrival, I can’t stop smiling at myself. ”
“You have become the reason of my life since I knew of your arrival you occupy the first place in everything and it is wonderful to know that soon my wait will end and I will be able to hold you in my arms and give you personally all that affection that I have content for you. ” 

“ You are the best gift that life is giving me, so I do not see the hours of your arrival to show you all my love and thanks for being Better it could happen to me. I love you, my child. ”
We are sure that you are very excited because your son will come soon and for that reason, you can share your joy with some phrases that announce that this great moment is coming.

Beautiful phrases to dedicate to your pregnant wife

The woman has a bit of magic in herself, especially at the time when she is pregnant. The woman has the power to conceive and give life and that is why they are so special and beautiful. Therefore, we leave you some beautiful phrases to dedicate to your wife who carries her little son in her belly.

Download free tender dedications of thanks to your wife for the child to be born

“In these months I watch your belly grow and our son is getting stronger, I am filled with love. Only now can I understand what real and unconditional love is. I promise you that I will always take care of you and also our little one who comes to rejoice in life. I love you, my beautiful princess”.

“The beautiful baby you carry in your womb is the true fruit of our great love. It is a blessing that gives us life. You will be the most beautiful and sweet mom in the world, and I will be and I am completely happy to be your partner and the father of this little piece of heaven. ”

“The divine girl who is on her way will be as pretty as you. She will be the light of my eyes, my little daughter who comes to illuminate our lives. And you are the queen of my heart who gives me the joy of becoming a dad and the pleasure of sharing this beautiful stage by your side. ”

“When you gave me the news that you were pregnant, I confess that my whole body shook and my skin escaped. It was incredible news but at the same time, it filled me with fears and doubts. There is no manual to face such responsibility, but at the same time, my heart was filled with joy. I thank you infinitely for making me the fullest and happiest man on this earth. I adore you”.

“This baby comes into our lives with a single mission to make us completely happy. A child is the greatest joy that heaven can give us. She is a tiny person who has already captivated us with her little kicks and her heartbeat. I know we will be very happy, my darling. ”

“Those beautiful milligrams that you carry in your belly will be the greatest pride we can have. Our son will be a being of light, he will flood us with emotions and new experiences. I look forward to your arrival, my life. ”

“I thank the Lord for putting me in your way and allowing me to be part of your life. You fell madly in love from the first moment I saw you and now that we will be a big family, I can’t stop loving you more every day. Our beautiful twins will be the luckiest children in the world to have a Mom as spectacular as you. ”

“Our lives are about to change completely. In two months we will have our first child and nothing will be as before. A great sacrifice awaits us, but also infinite joys and pure and true love. I adore you with the soul”.

“When we get married, we swear to love and respect each other forever. We swear, also, to be side by side in good times and bad times. At that moment I knew that I wanted to share the rest of my life with you, but today with this great news, I am even more certain of it. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful happiness, my love. ”

“They always told me that being a father would be something that would change my life completely, but only now can I understand it. It is a feeling of ecstasy and emotion that overwhelms me and runs through my whole body. It is impossible to explain and it is wonderful at the same time. ”

A pregnancy for us, perhaps, is something natural. It is common to know that biologically a lady can have in her womb a baby that will soon go out into the world, but when the dad is you, you cannot leave aside that it is a magical and wonderful fact. We hope that these phrases have been to your liking. Come back soon!

Thanks to my wife for giving me a son

A couple always goes through different stages, phases that govern their life together at every moment. First, there is a crush, then comes the commitment and marriage, whereby they decide to unite their lives forever, and finally, the most beautiful moment for a couple, that special moment of forming a family.

It is when the couple brings a child to the world that the bonds that unite them become even stronger because there is already someone on the way, who will fill with happiness every day. And that is when the future Father tends to thank his wife for giving him that great gift. Then we leave some phrases of thanks that you can

Free list of thanks phrases for my wife for my son:

– “I love you so much my love that this great love does not fit in my chest. Thank you for making my dream come true, my dream of being a father. There are a few words that I tell you here, but you can be sure that now you and the baby will be my priority. ”

– “I always dreamed of this moment, the moment in which I am finally Father, and if I have to thank someone, it is you for always being with me, for having met you, for accepting me as I am. Thank you, my love, for making me Dad. ”

– “For that great gift that God will give us I thank you and I also confess that I love you more than ever. My happiness is so great that I can’t help letting go of tears. I will love you forever and take care of you as much as that beautiful little creature that is on the way, our precious baby. ”

– “Who would say that you, the only love of my life, the first person I really loved, was the future mother of my children. Now I have 2 reasons to fight every day of my life. Thank you, my great love. And we will always be a united family. ”

– “We wait many years for this moment that has finally arrived. We are parents, thank you for making my great yearning come true, and thank you for being the one who accompanies me right now. I love you so much”.

– “It is a very exciting time for a person to know that he will be a father, knowing that you are waiting for a baby that will carry my blood causes him to break into tears. I always dreamed of this moment and today you made it happen. Thank you very much, my heart, for this great gift. ”

– “I thank you my love and I love you for being the Mother of my son. I will always protect them. And never forget that we will be a happy family for all eternity. Thank you for giving me a beautiful son, my great love. ” 

You will feel more than eager to thank your wife for that moment in which she confesses that she is waiting for your future son. If you don’t have the exact words, don’t worry, because on this page you will always find the exact words to express the feelings you want.

The important thing is that you are happy and that values ​​and love what you already have, because they will always love you. If you are reading this the day you have learned that you will be a dad, then congratulations! A life of great joy is coming. Check back soon for more phrases!


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