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The best phrases of I think you don’t love me

A relationship ends up going through the good that surely enjoys it to the fullest or through bad times that may have broken something that loves they always swore to have and increase day by day.

In a relationship for different reasons, one of the parties, either because of insecurity or because it really happens, believes that his partner is no longer loving her.

Many times the other side says that they are ideas, but deep down they know that they are only words to mitigate the pain they might feel when they recognize that something is cracking, then that is when you want to ask very subtly or maybe directly what is what It’s happening, but you don’t know how to do it.

In this article we are publishing several phrases of I think you do not love me and that you can send them to see what your response is that we hope will satisfy you to continue well or make a more decisive decision.

“Whatever you say, I feel that ours is not the same and I don’t want to force you to love me, just tell me the truth.”

“I feel distant and your kisses confirm it to me, I am afraid of losing you, but I am more afraid of having you without loving me.”

“Something is wrong and I don’t know what it is, I just know that I love you more than the first day and that’s why I realize your remoteness.”

“I think you don’t love me for many reasons, the main one is to feel your indifference the same that you can’t deny.”

“In a relationship, one can put more than the other, but when in our case only I am the one who puts everything on his side and it is because I think you don’t love me anymore.”

“Maybe you prefer to leave my side, maybe you have realized that you no longer love me, I prefer to be alone and feel that loneliness is my company than being with you and feeling loneliness.”

“Every day a little of this and a little of the other, but I feel that nothing is complete and that is where I question myself, will it be that you don’t love me anymore?”

“Even though you say that you love me I feel that intense emptiness in my soul and that your words have stopped touching my heart.”

“You never listen to me, you never attend to me, and you say you give everything for me, but it’s a half-truth because you leave only what you want and you take everything you can from me and I think you really don’t love me.”

“You never accepted me just like that and that’s because I think you don’t love me.”

“If you loved me you wouldn’t ask me to give up many things that are part of my life if you loved me you would share my moments of joy.”

“If now we are only boyfriends are skinning and felt so distant, if no longer a source of joy knowing that I will see you or follow you because I think you do not love me anymore.”

“It is better to finish and stop suffering for a relationship that may never have started and everything came suddenly and everything was suddenly forced to love and takes two and I know you do not love me.”

Love should not be selfish or cause pain, perhaps writing some phrases I think you do not love me can make the right decision, to continue or end, but one thing has to be sure that when love ends it is better to undertake the withdrawal


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