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Nice heartbreak phrases for Facebook

Not everything is to be happy in life and in love we do not stop experiencing it. Not all love relationships necessarily end happily and not everyone who falls in love receives acceptance of their love. When they are love issues, you have to be clear that sometimes you win and sometimes you can also lose.

When two people have love and start a relationship that happens because they have feelings of love and do not reflect on the conflicts that may occur. There are relationships in which everything is transformed in time and the love that one day was gone. In some cases a relationship ends because of a betrayal, others because time froze the relationship and in other cases, because the two have realized that they are not destined for each other.

Do you want to express the heartbreak you are experiencing? In this report, we show you some prayers of love disappointment for Facebook. Use these prayers to update your status or place them on the walls of your friends who are going through a disappointing situation in love.

Free list of heartbreak phrases for Facebook:

– “With all my heart I loved you but I see that it did not reach, distinguish yourself from me and do not call me because I wish not to remember what happened between us”

– “When love moves away the heart is divided into two, let time be the one to heal the wounds of this love”

– “It is a sadness that what united us did not work, I had a mistake in believing that you were the love of my life”

– “It is not healthy for both of us to stay in a false situation, I loved you and tried everything to rescue everything that united us but there is no way to stay together”

– “If you do not have important feelings towards me it was better to say it and I would have accepted it but the deception that you have done to me has been the most horrible thing that you have been able to do to me”

– “If you ever had love for me, have respect for my decision, don’t keep looking for me” 

– “The moment I fell in love with you I thought it was true love, I never thought I would end up crying and with so much suffering for your lies, forever goodbye”

– “On one occasion my heart was broken and the day I met you I fell in love again but after what you did I made the promise not to believe in love again”

– “I thought I knew you and that I was the only woman in your heart but I already dropped the blindfold, never tell me that you love me, leave my side and do not come back”

– “Today I will be sad because you go a long way from me, today my heart will be alone again, today the flower of our love died”

– “There is no way to correct me, there is no way that my way of being changes, excuse me but I do not want to continue beyond what we have, my love for you is over” 

– “When you made the decision to break our oath you broke what seemed perfect, I don’t take responsibility for anything but never be near me”

– “It was preferable that you leave my heart where you found it and not in a garbage dump, there you have put it when you go with another”

We wish that these prayers for Facebook by love disappointment are useful for you to manifest your feelings today that love left your life.


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