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The love, in most cases, is the most beautiful thing we could this happen and when we find it, we are extremely happy.

However, sometimes it can also hurt a lot, since the person who has been our partner, can hurt us a lot.

It is at that moment that we begin to be afraid to return to delusions and, suddenly, to suffer another amorous disappointment.

That is why we have created these beautiful phrases so that you accept the proposal of a man who loves you and opens you to a new possibility in love.

Very nice messages for a new love

“I really thought a lot about that conversation we had. I know you are aware that I am very afraid of being hurt again and that you probably would not do the same.

I really want to trust you and believe in your word, that is why I do not intend to let more time pass and I will risk loving again. ”

“On many occasions I said that I would never fall in love again, because I have been very hurt before.

However, with you I cannot help but feel the most sincere love in my heart and that is why I have decided to give myself a new opportunity.

I want, finally, to be happy with a man whom I love with all my soul and with whom I know that he really loves me “.

“Once I swore never to love again, but when I met you I realized that this promise is impossible to fulfill.

You have managed to conquer me with your details and attention, and you have really been very patient with me, which tells me that you are not a man who comes with bad intentions.

I think it’s time to leave my fears behind and open myself to the possibility of loving and being loved. ”

“Together with you I discovered that love does not have to hurt and that it is possible to be happy next to the person you love so much.

You have shown me that you are a man I can trust and will be by my side no matter what happens, no matter what the circumstance.

I have learned to see kindness and love in the eyes of people and, therefore, I know that you love me sincerely, so I have decided to give me a chance by your side to be happy. ”

“I would like to apologize for acting so impulsively. I hope you can understand that I have not had good experiences and really forgive me if in case I have come to offend you.

I just want you to know that I have decided not to continue living scared of what I can or cannot do.

In the end nobody has died of love and I want to live loving the best man in the world and that is you “.

Opportunity to love again

“I want you to know that, since I met you, I have not been able to stop thinking about you. You are someone very special who has come to my life to revolutionize it completely.

Without wanting to, you have come to touch my heart and you fall in love every day with your attentions.

I really see that you are a good man and I hope you never hurt me, because I have made the decision to give me the great opportunity to believe in love again and to bet on my happiness despite the fears I may have. ”

It is very difficult to decide to take a new opportunity to be happy, but it is necessary to take a risk because, otherwise, we will never find the right person for us.

You cannot live your whole life with fear of one thing or another.

We hope that these beautiful phrases have been to your liking. Come back soon.

Original pretty love phrases to return with someone

In other words, loves are not comparable to each other, but there will be one that will make you feel uniquely.

Unfortunately, not always your great love will want to continue the relationship. Maybe because of an incompatibility issue or maybe because you made a mistake, love can end or be damaged in a critical way.

We present, then, some beautiful phrases to give your partner opportunity that will surely soften the heart of your beloved.

Phrases to forgive my partner and restart again

“You may find another love with whom to spend happy days, but nobody will make you feel like only I know how to do it.

Nobody will love you as madly as I do. Come back, I love you even more than yesterday, please! ”

“I know very well that my love is still reciprocated, because since we began our relationship I knew that our love would be eternal.

Maybe I’m making a mistake, I just want to know if you still feel this love that I feel for you. If you tell me no, I’ll let you go. I love you, I just want your happiness! ”

“Since you left, I’ve become devoted to boredom. All interest I had about anything has been in the past, I do not care about anything, except you.

Well you are the most important person I have in life.

You are the one who gives joy to my existence and for you I give up life. You have no idea what I am capable of just seeing you return. By my side, you will understand what true love is. Come back, I love you so much! ”

“I came to imagine that it would be an easy task to stay away from you, now I realize how wrong I was.

I miss you in an incalculable way and every day I do it more. I think it’s time to leave the pride aside and resume our beautiful love story. I love you too much my love!”

“I’ve hurt you, I hurt you, it’s true, but my conscience does not leave me alone and I cry out to get back to you.

I return to ask you my sincere apologies. I’m suffering a lot if I do not have you, maybe I deserve it.

Avoid this suffering and tell me you want to resume your life by my side, you would make me very happy. If you decide not to continue, I will understand and believe me I will let you make your life. ”

Words to save a love relationship

“Today that you are far from me, I can understand that there will be no better times than those I lived with you.

The smile that characterized my face has disappeared. He has stopped caring about everything, I am only interested in returning to your side.

I think I’ve reached the edge of hallucinations, people call me crazy because I still love you. And yes, I am, I’m crazy about you. Come back please!”

“Your absence is noticed every day, but more at night. In an inexplicable way, every night I feel cold and not just because of the weather, but because you are not by my side.

I want you to come home to shelter you in my heart. Honey, we still love each other, it’s obvious.

Let’s put aside this silly pride and remake our present to think of a better future. I love you with all my strength, love of my life! ”

We hope that, with these beautiful phrases, you will be able to capture, once again, the attention of your beloved.

If you succeed, put everything on your part so that there is no withdrawal again.

Always value that little person who makes your life happy!


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