Phrases for my boyfriend to reflect

Make your love reflect 
with these phrases

On some occasions, girls fail to understand the attitude or behavior of their boyfriends, which often leads to arguments and fights, some serious and others less serious.

Anyway, a key to maintaining a healthy and far from sentimental relationship is to have the wisdom to understand your partner.

He may not be the most expressive person, but with a caress he is telling you that you really mean a lot to him. Do not try to change it because it will surely bother you.

To make your lover reflect, we have selected a list of phrases that we present immediately.

Messages for my partner to reflect his attitude

“On some occasions I perceive that you do not value my feelings, that they are pure and sincere. That attitude you have bothers me and makes me believe that I am not important to you.

You know I only have eyes for you; However, I need you to show me more affection, because I don’t feel you very close.

I ask you to place your absolute trust in me; you will see that this beautiful relationship will continue.”

“Honey, I must confess that in the last few days I have watched you carefully and I get the impression that you are trying to avoid me or that you may have a secret.

Do not hesitate to tell me, you know that between the two there must be trust. I love you and I just need to know what’s wrong with you, maybe I can give you a hand and help you.”

“It bothers me that, for the third time, you have left me in ridicule before others by citing me to a place and never showing up.

I urgently need you to give me an explanation, I am your girlfriend and I deserve it. I don’t want to finish this beautiful love story, but you must realize that it is you who is putting the obstacles. ”

“I would love that, even for a brief moment, externalize your feelings. Sometimes I feel that you behave very cold with me and you have few signs of affection.

On the contrary, I try to be extremely affectionate and teach you every day how important you are. I don’t want to think that time is extinguishing the flame of love.”

“On many occasions I have expected you to answer me with a“ I love you ”when I look into your eyes and tell you that you are the love of my life; However, you can only mutter a “I love you.”

It is true that both messages contain affection; but I would love to say those two words that I long to hear.

I ask you to be more expressive and you will see that this commitment will last for a long time. ”

Phrases that help to reconsider my boyfriend

 “In the moments when I need you to celebrate some achievement, you are not there. That bothers me and saddens me, because if I want to party with someone in this world, it is with you.

You are the man of my dreams and I am sorry that you are absent when I require you. It is true that your work and academic activities have you very busy; but I beg you to give yourself a space to share with me.

I hope this makes you reflect and you realize how important you are to me.”

“Every morning when I wake up very early, I take my cell phone and write some affectionate words and send them to you; However, I never receive an affectionate gesture from you.

Just indifference. I get the impression that you got tired of me; I hope to be totally wrong and that this disinterest that you show is only a product of the moment”.

“I am sorry to know that only I see this relationship with the future and I take it seriously. You, on the contrary, play with my feelings.

I hope you think about it; I was very excited to meet you, but so far you have only disappointed me. Consider these words, my darling.”

We have no doubt that after your crush listens to one of the phrases we have presented, he will understand the seriousness of the relationship.

Remember that it is not a good idea to try to change it, on the contrary, you must love it as it is, but also express your point of view.

Sense phrases to apologize

Making mistakes is common at all ages, since in the world nobody becomes completely perfect, in some way or another we all fail to do something, be it in the aspect of love, family or friends.

Filing rough edges is not always easy because of two basic factors. On the one hand, pride can be present in any altercation and can be given by both parties.

On the other hand, there is the discrepancy in opinions, which can prevent any of the parties from silk and this lengthens the period of bitterness, so to speak.

If you are going through this awkward situation and you feel regretful, read these phrases and dedicate them to that person with whom you had any problems.

Very nice texts to apologize

“I had no intention of hurting your feelings, I just wanted to be honest, but I didn’t think that an opinion of mine would cause all this inconvenience.

Please, I apologize for making you feel that way, I would not want to lose a friend as special as you are to me.”

“I never thought that a little lie could be the subject of a big discussion, I regret having acted in that way.

Father, I hope you understand how I feel and we can talk about what happened, I love you very much and I don’t want to feel that you’re still mad at me.”

“I will know how to understand if you no longer want to continue with our relationship, believe me that nothing I did was with the intention of wanting to harm you.

I love you and I don’t want to lose you, I just need you to forgive me to show you everything I am willing to do for you.”

“I thought I was acting in a good way but I realized that I was not. I wish that none of this happened, I would be the happiest if you gave me a second chance.”

“I know that I was not the best at taking advantage of the opportunities you always gave me; it hurts a lot that this time the problem has been so strong.

Mamita, forgive me, I promise not to fail you again. ”

Know how to apologize for a mistake

“Seeing you cry made me feel the worst daughter in this world and I will do my best to solve it, it is remarkable that they no longer trust me, but in one way or another I will fix all this.

I regret everything that happened, dear Fathers!”

“We all make mistakes; I don’t want mine to be the cause of our breakup. I will look for you at all times until you can understand that from the bottom of my heart I am very sorry.”

“I have let down the trust bond we had built; I am sorry to know that our friendship will never be as before.

I would like you to forgive me from the heart one day.”

“I have no face to look at you and say how sorry I am, I am sincerely sad about how things happened, but I will know how to wait for an answer from you.

Maybe over time we can return to this friendship that is difficult to find today.”

“I should never have revealed your secret, I thought that person was good and that I would know how to keep it. I can’t imagine if someone did the same to me; act without thinking and now I’m sorry for that.”

Recognize our mistakes and ask for excuses

“I was selfish to think only of myself, as a couple we are, I should have thought of both of us. Please accept my sincerest apologies, it is a fact that will not happen again.”

“I don’t want to stop seeing you for a bad action that I committed. It will be for you that I will improve every defect I have. Honey excuse me for what happened, I love you so much.”

“I wanted to let time go by to solve the problem, but I only managed to feel worse every day.

I don’t want another day to pass without first apologizing and an opportunity to show that I can be better than before.”

It will not be easy for that person to capture your true regret, but surely these phrases will calm the atmosphere between you.

Finally, do not forget to also demonstrate with actions what you express with words, you will see that everything will be fine.


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