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Nice anniversary dedications for my partner

Love is a beautiful feeling, which makes our heartbeat very strong and causes us immense happiness, especially when we have the joy of being next to the loved one.

Relationships are one of the greatest expressions of love because through them we give our lives and total fidelity to the person we love.

Likewise, we commit ourselves to take care of that being who has stolen our heart and has earned a special place in our lives. If you are currently celebrating the first anniversary of your relationship, you cannot stop expressing all the love you feel to your beloved.

For this, we have created these beautiful phrases of love so that you can do it without a problem and, thus, the love of your life knows how important it is for you. Choose the one you like the most and encourage yourself to dedicate it with all the love you have.

Find beautiful dedications for wedding anniversary :

“Sweetie of my life, I feel very fortunate to be celebrating our first anniversary. A year ago I totally gave you my life and my heart, and I don’t really regret it, because I haven’t stopped being happy since then. I love you with all my soul, my heaven. You are the most important to me”.

“My love, I am completely happy to be celebrating that it has been a year since we started our relationship. You are the woman of my life and I know that we will be together for many more years because my life is a paradise since I am with you, my love. I love you a lot”.

“Honey, you are the owner of my heart and my soul. Only you have the power to make me the happiest man on Earth and I can’t stop looking at you, because in your eyes I have found true love. You are my most valuable treasure, baby. I love you a lot. Happy Anniversary!”.

“Love of my soul, we have known each other for a lifetime and a year ago we decided to start this beautiful relationship. From that moment I have not stopped smiling, because your love gives me the greatest joy in the world. Thank you for giving me all your love and turning my life into a sky full of beautiful stars. I love you very much heart”.

“Beautiful sweetheart, since I met you, I knew I would love you all my life. In you, I have discovered the real and purest love that may exist. I know that if we are together, there will not be a day when we are not happy. I love you with all my soul, my queen. The happy first anniversary!”.

“My dear, I am fortunate to be next to an exceptional woman. You are a dream come true and I swear I’ll never let you down, honey. I promise you that I will always be by your side and take care of you as you deserve. I love you so much, my love, and I know we will celebrate many more years of love. ”

“Precious sweetie, when we are together, I feel that I don’t need anything else to be completely happy. Your love is the most beautiful thing that life could give me and I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the blessings he gives me. Today we are celebrating a year of relationship and I am sure we will celebrate many more years. I love you”.

“My beautiful queen, I feel a very blessed man for having the most beautiful and sweetest woman in the world. You are the best girlfriend there is and the love of my life. By your side, I feel that I float in the clouds and it is the most beautiful feeling. I love you infinitely. Happy anniversary, love! ”

Always remember to show your girlfriend how much you love her and how happy you are with her, especially on this special day. We wait for you again here. Until the next opportunity!

Pretty love poems and dedications for anniversary

In the first months and years of a romantic relationship, both men and women get excited about preparing something for our partners and, of course, waiting to know what they will prepare for us.

But, with the passage of time, this initial magic vanishes, either because love becomes routine, or because, as they say, chemistry is over. Whatever it is, we should never allow that to happen. But how to keep love in force?

The answer is very easy: not neglecting the relationship. That is, it does not matter, so a thousand years go by, we must always show ourselves detail. The care of love is expressed from both stands, from the position of each member that makes up this relationship.

Therefore, when the day of the anniversary celebration arrives, you should not hesitate to decide how to surprise your partner. To complement what you have decided to prepare romantic dinner, flower delivery, serenade, etc. we bring many phrases for you to make this a fabulous day.

Search for free tender wedding anniversary greetings :

“Happy anniversary, my life! Today is our day to celebrate all this love we have and with which no one can end. Thanks for all this time together. I love you”.

“I gave you my life and I will continue doing it every day I pass by your side. Because you are my eternal love, my dream come true, my best decision in life. I adore you with all my soul. ”

“We will celebrate as we do every day, my love. Although today there will be something different, because, one day like today, I asked you to be my girlfriend and you gave me the prettiest ‘yes’ I have ever heard. ”

“Congratulations to us, my love. Because only we deserve to celebrate this day with all our strength because there is no love greater than ours. ”

“I have only to say that you are the love of my life, the woman with whom I want to continue spending my hours. You don’t know how happy you make me. I love you, my little princess”.

“Our love has withstood many storms and has always known how to create a new rainbow at dawn. So let’s continue on this path of love and constant struggle. Happy Anniversary my love”.

“How many people doubted that we could face everything that was presented to us. And look at us now, married, with children, and we continue to fight for our beautiful love. ”

“One more year by your side where I can show you that I love you, that you are my total madness, that I don’t want to be far from you for a single second. I love you with all the forces of my life. ”

“Despite the many years we have been together, my life, I still feel the same as I felt the first time we kissed. That desire for time to stop. ”

“I love you, my love. Today I just want to make you feel the happiest woman in the universe. Because what you have achieved with my life is something that I can only interpret as a miracle. ”

“Love I met you by your side, because you, with how detailed you are, conquer me every day, at all times. What else can I ask if I have everything with you? ”

“All the love I have in here is yours, my love. As my heart is yours, and my dreams, and all my desires. I beg God to never leave me without you. ”

The celebration of the love you live with your partner should be constant, and not send it to one day a year. That is why relationships mostly fail because throughout the year one disregards their partner and only pays attention when their special date arrives.

Life next to her must be special, that’s why you chose her as your life partner.

Original texts and words for my boyfriend for our anniversary

When you have a boyfriend you are admitting that they are in love and that what they feel is authentic. Sharing time with him allows them to get to know each other better and thus improve the relationship they have.

From each lawsuit, we will learn something new and in each celebration, we share with him, it will be impossible to forget in our memories.

Boys and girls never finish learning especially when we are talking about love issues.

In each moment shared with our boyfriend, we will know something different about him and it will become important to make the relationship stronger. Is the anniversary of your relationship with your boyfriend approaching and you can’t find the words you want to say?

In this report, we show you a series of prayers to thank for a year of relationship with your boyfriend. With these prayers, you will make your boyfriend smile with joy and have the feeling of being more in love than ever.

Download the best phrases for my boyfriend for our anniversary :

– “Everything is spectacular since you are in my life, we have already spent a year together and I have the impression that I could share a thousand years, I love you” 

– “Having shared a year with you makes me very happy, my love makes me very good and is the only thing I need to have complete happiness”

– “I thank you for giving me love throughout this time, time seems to fly by your side and we already have a year in our relationship without just noticing”  

– “How happy I am to have a year of relationship with you is impossible to express in words, I want you to be by my side to show it with my behavior” 

– “When we are together the days go by very fast, only you have the ability to become the woman with the greatest happiness on earth, I love you and I want us to achieve our dream of having happiness” 

– “When we met for the first time I knew for some reason that you were the ideal man for me, I thank you for being and for all the time we have been together” 

– “I get the impression that it was yesterday when we met because what I have felt for you has not changed since then, I still love you with all my heart” 

– “When we are together I get the impression of daydreaming, I love you and I think I am the woman with the most happiness because the day we met a year of dating, I love you” 

– “Tell me a reason why you love me and I will give you a thousand reasons why I love you, you have become part of my existence and this year that we have shared has become the best of all that I have lived” 

– “I will love you forever, I have the certainty that this will happen, we have a year together and our love is stronger today than ever, I am certain that it will be for a lifetime” 

– “I had the idea that when you were in love, time didn’t matter, but today I know I was wrong, we celebrated a year together and I want to continue with you for a long time” 

We wish that these prayers to thank for a year of relationship with my boyfriend are of your taste and the taste of your boyfriend so that they are very happy and eat many partridges.


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