Phrases for my boyfriend after fighting: Words to love with my angry partner

Within sentimental relationships, no matter what they are new or old, there will always be topics, attitudes or situations that provoke discussions within them.

Of course, there is a greater repercussion of fights in those relationships that have lasted longer, although, like everything else, it is relative.

Discussions are not always fixed right away, but many days must pass and many things must be done for the other person to forgive us or realize their error.

That is why, in order to ask for forgiveness or to get your partner out of the mistake, we have some phrases for you when you have fought with your boyfriend.

Words to reflect after a discussion with my partner:

“My love, I know you will finally understand that everything has been a misunderstanding. Things are not always as one imagines, but sometimes you cannot think of the worst, that’s why I understand you.

But I am trying to explain to you how everything has happened, and I only ask that you do not close to listen and that you trust me. ”

“I want you to know that I have told you the whole truth. If you believe me, we can start again, as if nothing had happened, because nothing has really happened. ”

“I think you should not get mad at things as simple as those. I fully understand that they can be uncomfortable, but you do not need to react like that.

We can always talk about it as civilized people. ”

“My love, you know that I love you with all my heart, and for that very reason this time I have to tell you that you have made a mistake in assuming that position.

Think about it a bit before saying more. ”

“We are going to solve things together, my king, but I need you to commit to react in a better way to the problems. I will always help you, be sure. ”

Messages to make my partner understand his error:

“I love you, my love, that’s why I do not want us to be in this kind of situation, which, in the end, makes us both wrong.

Come on, give me your hand and smile. ”

“You do not know how bad it makes me be like this, my love. Instead of being loving, planning where to go, how to have fun, we are with the stern gesture.

I would like everything to be different, to learn to solve everything differently. ”

“Love, it is easy to get carried away by anger, I know it very well, but you should think a little about that. That is, why do you get angry for something that is easy to solve, instead of looking for it and making it tangible? ”

“It’s useless to tell you something, because you will not listen to me. Should I always wait so long for you to be able to speak to me? My love, we can solve things in a beautiful way and not ignoring us “.

“If we both do our part so that things are fixed, you will see that our relationship will become healthier and more resistant.

I do not want anything to disturb us, my life. ”

Phrases to save our relationship after a discussion:

“I know that we are not always going to be well, that problems arise when one least expects them. But that is not a pretext to argue, on the contrary, that it serves us to be prepared. ”

“Everything has a solution, love. That’s why, do not you realize that I do not get angry for anything? It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s that I know we’ll be fine, so I ask the same. We do not have to always be defensive. ”

When there is love, everything can be forgiven. Ideally, we would all realize that we are wrong or that we know how to forgive, depending on what it is, but it is not so.

We always complicate everything, so, there is no other way than to work patiently for ourselves and for the relationship. Luck!

Beautiful love phrases to dedicate to your boyfriend

Love is a beautiful feeling that invades us and revolutionizes our mind and heart. When we are in love we are able to give everything for that person without caring about anything, because the only thing we want is to be together with the loved one.

It is very important to always remind that special little person that we are incredibly happy at his side, because love should be cultivated every day so that it does not wither due to routine and monotony.

Always remember to let your boyfriend know how much you love him and how happy you are at his side.

For this we have created these beautiful phrases of love with which you can express to the man of your life, your most sincere feelings towards him. Enjoy them!

Messages of love to reflect with your partner:

“Love of my life, I am writing this little message to tell you that I feel very happy by your side and extremely fortunate to be sharing my life with you.

You are the most special man in the world and I feel in my heart that this great love that unites us will be for life.

I love you with madness, my precious king. I wish with all my soul that we can share this love for many more years and that the magic of this beautiful bond never ends. ”

“My beautiful bonbon, several years ago we began to write a beautiful love story and every incredible moment we are together and enjoy this beautiful feeling, it is a small chapter of it.

I am completely sure that, with the passage of time, we can have a beautiful fairy tale where our beautiful love story will be reflected.

I love you with all my heart, my love. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my life. ”

“I would like you to know how happy I am to be by your side and me thank God every day for having known you.

You are the most beautiful blessing Heaven has given me and I thank the Lord every day for having you with me.

I deeply feel that you are the most important thing to me and I would never want to lose you. I promise you, love, that I will always take care of you and I will be by your side at all times. I love you with all my soul”.

“Honey, when I am by your side I cannot stop looking at you, because you are the man of my dreams and until now I cannot believe that this love is real.

You are a wonderful man and I am sure that I will love you forever.

These years with you are the most valuable thing I have, because I feel it is a dream come true. I love you, honey”

“My soul, I cannot find words to express the deep love I have for you. It is a whirlwind of emotions that run through my body and I cannot find how to explain.

There simply is not a moment when I do not dream about you and want to share all my life by your side.

When we are not together I feel that life passes slowly and I can only think of the moment when you will appear and my heart will beat again strongly. I love you madly. ”

Thank your partner for all the love he gives you:

“My beautiful love, I thank God for having crossed my path, because with you I discovered true love.

You are like a little angel that is by my side taking care of me and loving me despite everything that may happen. Thank you for giving me so much love, my heaven.

You are my most precious treasure. I love you”.

“Sweet love, I would like you to know that nothing would make me happier than sharing eternity with you and that we can look each other in the eyes, in order to swear before all the saints that we will love each other until the end of our days.

Your love is what keeps me standing and for which I am the happiest woman on earth. I deeply love you”.


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