Original Phrases To Declare Your Love On Facebook

Fabulous phrases to declare your love on Facebook

Love is an inexplicable feeling that is felt and that can be declared with beautiful words and in a different way. The important thing is to look for the right way to let the love you are feeling, that wonderful feeling you have inside, be known to the loved one or loved one.

There are people who are more expressive than others, some find it difficult to find the right word or phrase to do so. Open your heart and let yourself be carried away by this feeling so great and pure. If you want to shout it to the winds and that everyone knows what you feel for someone else you can place it on your Facebook wall. In this article, you will find different phrases of declarations of love for Facebook.

Free list of phrases to declare your love on Facebook:

– “The day I met you I had a strange feeling, I felt as if love had come into my life, there were little tickles in my body and I began to observe your big brown eyes, your melodious voice had never felt this way before. At night I only remembered your face and your slender figure and you caused emotion in me. I am in love and I would like you to give me the opportunity to show you, my love. ”

– “We have just had little time to introduce ourselves and I already feel that the time has been enough to realize what I am feeling for you precious, it would be an honor to accept me as your partner.”

– “I have spent three years of my life with you and they have been unforgettable, every moment lived has been the most precious gift that life has been able to give me. With my heart in my hand, I want us to be dating and let me take you to the altar. ”

– “The way you look at me brightens my day, your tender smile makes me blush and just being next to you fills me with emotion. My love, I want to make you happy and have a relationship”

– “I have met several people during these years, but in none I found what I see in you. Your simplicity, your sweet look, the way you address me has made me feel love for you. I would like you to grant me the privilege of having you in love. ”

– “Happiness came to my life, I fell in love with your way of being, with the delicate details you give me and I will be honored if you agree to be with me beautiful.”

– “Every morning when I wake up I look at your picture and listen to your voice. I wish it was late to see you again. At the beginning I saw you as a friend, we went out to the park, we had long talks, there were movie afternoons but today I realized that my heart is beating for love for you. ” 

– “In the passing of the months and in each fall or stumble that I have had, you have always been accompanying me in silence, it was enough with your presence showing me what I am worth for you. Today I want to hold you in my arms, touch your lips and walk together holding hands. Would you like to be with me? ”

– “You are a very special person, your beautiful smile, your long hair, your sincere gaze gave my life a magical touch that made me feel love for you. I wish we were dating. ”

– “At each dawn, my thoughts are for you, and at each evening I ask the stars to illuminate and protect you, this love that I carry inside I want to shout to the winds so that everyone knows what I am feeling for you.”

Send these declarations of love to Facebook to be loved or loved and you will see the success you will have.


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