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The best love quotes

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, having the joy of being next to someone, it’s a blessing. In this opportunity we have created beautiful love poems to share with the loved one.

You will find in this article beautiful messages of love to dedicate to your partner , not necessarily on a special day, just thinking of a detail of love that you can give him.

Then, we leave you nice love phrases to send to your boyfriend and to remind him how special it is for you.

Download cute love messages:

– “I would like to tell you many beautiful things, my love, but when I contemplate you, I remain silent, admiring your beauty, you take away my speech and you light my emotions. I love you a lot”.

– “Let’s have fun, my love, I just want to have a moment of dancing, fun, that we are very happy because we need to share such beautiful moments like this one. I love you so much”.

– “Come to me when you feel alone, do not hesitate to look for me like this is working, I will always have time for you, because for me you are the most important being in my life. I love you a lot”.

– “We are two beings that love each other and we want to be together, so today I ask you to reflect on your feelings and you can tell me sincerely if you love me forever.”

– “When I saw you for the first time I felt that my love for you had surfaced, if they say that there is no love at first sight, I say yes. I think I was born for you. ”

– “I’m spending my nights thinking about you, I want it to dawn to tell you one more time to come back, I do not know if it’s the right thing to do, but I do know that I love you”.

Original love dedications to send:

– “There’s something in you that I love, but I do not know what it is, I want to know you more and start a nice relationship by your side. You will feel very good with me, I assure you. ”

– “My love, everything I give you is from the heart, I just want you to receive it without flushing, I need you, although I did not want to say it, but it is what my heart feels”.

– “I love you, for no reason, without measure, without conditions or times, I just want you to know that I love you and that you always remember that my love is that great for you”.

– “I remember you in my life like when the rain fell and we looked at each other in the wet glass of the car, when you were going on a trip, unable to follow my love. Now I miss you so much that I do not know what to do. ”

– “My heart beats for you and I only wish to have you by my side. Come back soon darling and do not go away anymore, I could not stand it, I love you. ”

We end this article with the most beautiful messages of love to send your partner, you can use social networks.

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Love as always is the crush that cupid throws at the heart and that is captivated, therefore, today we give you to know beautiful thoughts of love to dedicate to your partner .

How not to believe in love if it comes when you least expect it, any day, at an unexpected moment, without premeditation. Today we are going to present beautiful messages of love to share with your girlfriend (or).

Next, we will leave beautiful and precious love SMS to send to the beloved person, hoping they are of your liking and satisfaction.

Download beautiful thoughts of love:

– “When a couple is needed, depends on the two, each detail is a sign of love, so today I offer this poem to tell you that I love you.”

– “We are together a long time ago, my love, enough time to tell you that I wish there was no longer a day or a night that separates us, I wish that all the days and nights we are together because I love you so much. Marry me”.

– “I do not know if you know it, but I love you well, and so you knew, I would tell you  one and a thousand times more because you have filled my days with immense illusions and my heart of a lot of love for you”.

– “I met a beautiful person who was my friend because he gave me his friendship, then love was born and now I feel he is the man of my life. I love you, my treasure. ”

– “How much I love you, I do not know, I just feel harmoniously full of love, with your beautiful details and your exact words, you made me fall in love with you. I love you my life”.

– “I’m trying to make our relationship more like a blue sky, clear and radiant by day and starry and bright at night. I love you, honey”.

Send nice words of love:

– “You must tell me that I am an eternal lover of love, I feel that you like it and that, if it were not so, this feeling would not be as nice and passionate as it is now. I love you my life”.

– “You could think that our love is only a dream if it were sporadic, but you are the light of my life, you are the center of my heart. I adore you baby”.

– “You came to me when I most needed love, so you will see that I am always very close to you because I do not want this beautiful feeling to end. I love you”.

– “I wish for our love all the blessings of God, that the relationship we form be strengthened, that it be more and more serious and respectable. I really want my life, I do not want a half-hearted relationship. ”

– “I hope that this time will shelter us good feelings with great attitudes for our walk as a couple, I love you very much and I hope you feel the same for me”.

We finish this article with the most delicate phrases of love to share with the loved one.

Remember that you can also find nice words of love to send to your partner and tell him how big and deep your feelings are.


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