Nice Love Phrases For My Boyfriend Who Is Away

Excellent phrases for my boyfriend who is far away

Some couples believe they are sure of what they feel for each other but are unable to bear the distance between the two. Some couples have ended their relationship because they cannot be separated but fortunately, not all couples are like that.

There are couples that if they manage to endure the distance and when they get back together their relationship becomes stronger. Do you love your boyfriend and are you willing to stay with him despite the distance? In this section, you will see a list of messages for my boyfriend who is far away. After receiving any of these messages, your boyfriend will also be willing to continue the relationship.

Free list of phrases for my boyfriend who is far away:

– “The day you left I made a promise to my heart, that regardless of the time that passes or the distance that separates us would not stop loving you”

– “My eyes are sad because you are far from me but in spite of everything I am still deeply in love with you”

– “I miss every part of you, in the nights I dream that you come back and that our souls are together again, so you go to the furthest place in the world I will always love you”

– “I wish I could have wings to fly every night to the place where you are and to spend at least a few minutes with you, I love you too much and that’s why it hurts to be away from you”

– “Before I could see you daily and we had a good time, today I only see you every month and I am surprised to be more in love than before, that is the proof that this feeling is bigger than any distance that separates us”
– “I have never thought of giving up this love, I know that this is only a test for both of us, distance cannot change my feelings, you are the only owner of my heart” 

– “Every day that passes I feel happy because the day is coming when I will see you again, and when it arrives it will be a wonderful day when our love will triumph” 

– “I have not stopped loving you for a second because you are the other half of my soul, destiny wanted us to be separated for a while but it will not be forever, I look forward to the day we will be together again”
– “I will wait for you and I will be aware of your return because only I love you, I do not know how long your absence lasts but I know that when you return I will be happy again” 

– “I will keep my promise to be your girlfriend and love you no matter if we are far away but you must also be willing to keep your word”

– “Time is slower without your presence and I recognize that I cry for your absence but I cannot stop loving you because I carry you in each of my thoughts”

We hope that these messages for my boyfriend who is far away have been to your liking. Remember, true love can stand time and distance.


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