Romantic messages for my partner

Dedications of love

Sometimes we want to say beautiful words, full of feelings, but that is not always easy. We may be concerned about spelling, grammar and expressing our message with the most appropriate words and phrases. If love has touched your life, don’t let it escape. Let this feeling completely envelope you and motivate you to write your best romantic messages. Send them to your partner. Rest assured she/he will appreciate them. Here are examples that will help you get started. Modify and personalize them any way you want. Take care of your relationship by reminding them you care and are thinking of them. Choose the medium you want, be it a letter, an text message or a post on a social network. Your partner will be very happy after receiving these beautiful phrases full of love. We hope you will visit more often.

Cards with love messages for my boyfriend

“I want to fill you with kisses for the enormous gratitude that my heart feels towards you, you saved me from a world of sadness and brought peace and emotion to my life. I love you!”

“You are the only person who has been able to cross all the barriers that I place between my heart and the outside, and if you have achieved it, it is because you are my destiny of love.”

“You heal my wounds with every kiss you give me, that’s why I ask you to always love me that way that makes me lose my mind!”

“With just a cross of eyes I could see that you were the right person to conquer my heart. Time proved me right and now it gives us a wonderful time.”

“It’s not the expensive gifts or the fantastic outings that have made me fall in love with you, but everything that is born of your lips, your looks and your heart.”

Love texts to send by Whatsapp

“I love that we are together. If it were for me, I would use glue to adhere to you and always walk with you. Forgive my exaggeration, but I love you so much.”

“I don’t know how it is that I don’t go blind seeing you if you’re as bright as the sun, nor do I know why I don’t drown when I kiss you if your mouth plunges me into an ocean of bottomless love.”
“The love we have is, without a doubt, a work of God. I can’t find another explanation for the strength and perfection of our beautiful union.”

“Being with you is like dying without pain and transporting me directly to Paradise. Kiss me that your mouth says goodbye to an elixir that fills me with eternal life and endless love.”

“If I had to choose between you and the entire world, my choice would be immediate. Why do I want the Earth if my universe is in you? My love, you are everything to me.”

“If, instead of dedicating my life to you, I started writing, I would surely be the most important poet of our time, but I prefer to spend every moment of my existence with you.”

Romantic poems for my husband

“If the sun goes out, the Earth would freeze immediately. Do not stop looking at me, that you are my star king and every time you deny me your eyes, my heart experiences a harsh winter.”

“Even though I’m used to your kisses, I still enjoy them as much as the first time I received them. Thank you for giving me this delicious love.”

“You shudder me when you give me those tender looks that made me fall in love from the first moment I saw you. You can never finish knowing how much I love you.”

“I love you as you are, don’t hide your flaws from me because even they make me fall in love with you more. I don’t care if you’re not perfect, for me you’re the ideal.”

Tender words of love to surprise your partner

“Do not turn away from me, my heart, that my life is complete since you entered it. I love you with eternal and strong feelings, which do not stop growing ”.

“I want you to know that life is made to love and that, if you weren’t with me, I’d rather not exist. Thank you, I give God for giving me your divine company.”

“You give peace to my entire inner world with just one of your looks, so let me lose myself in your eyes and spread this tranquility that you give my life with your love.”

“I know that I love you because, when I am with you, I forget about my existence and I only worry that everything that surrounds us and what happens to us will give you infinite happiness.”

“If you have arrived at this time and not before in my life, it must be because I was not prepared and perhaps I would have hurt you, and what I most want is that you feel truly loved.”

Post beautiful phrases of love on your facebook wall

“For you I could do anything, just test me and you will see that, motivated by your beautiful love, I make the impossible possible and much more. I love you”.

“Whenever I remember that time when I told you my feelings, I feel very happy to have dared to do so. Thanks to that, today we live an incredible love.”

“My heart became yours the day you stole it from me with the first kiss you gave me. Make it beat with your pure love and the strength of your hugs.”

“Being with you, at least for a moment, fills me with a feeling so wonderful that it makes me capable of everything for you. I love you until the end of time!”

“Nothing in this world is more important than spending time with you, so I can turn my back on my whole life as long as I fall in your arms.”

Love verses for your crush

“We may have mistakes, but if there is sincerity between us, this love that was born from a small seed in our hearts will end up being an infinite tree.”

“If in this life I could not conquer you, in the other I would have looked for you without rest and would continue trying to enter your heart. Every effort made by you is always worth it.”

“There is no going back or wish there is, I want to go into this love until it completely consumes me and makes everything in my heart be you.”

“If our love is a dream, then I never want to wake up, because I only want to live in the world where you are one forever.



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