Nice birthday messages to my wife

Birthday greetings 
for my wife

Do not you know what greeting to give your wife on her birthday? We hope that these birthday greetings for my wife for WhatsApp that we leave you below give your ideas and inspiration to greet your wife in a special way.

Just let you’re most beautiful feelings for her flow and you will see that, with the love you feel and the ideas that we leave you, you will be able to write a sincere greeting that reflects all your love.

It is enough to remember all the moments lived at his side, all the shared laughter and the romantic moments so that the words flow and the heart accelerates.

Share your greetings with her through WhatsApp and anticipate the celebration that you have prepared when you get home.

Fine dedications for my husband for his birthday:

“Good times are the best when you are by my side, life is a wonderful adventure since we are married.

Thank you for filling every corner of my life with your joy, I hope that God grants you many more years of life to live next to you. Happy Birthday!”

“Everyone says that you bring me crazy and they are right, that’s why I made you my wife and even though I am crazy about you, I am aware that life is nothing but improvement at your side. I love you too much, my love, happy birthday. ”

“Happy Birthday love. No matter how hard life gets, if I can get lost in your eyes everything will be fine.

Thank you for being my consolation, my joy, my dream come true. My only wish is that all your plans you achieve them. ”

“I could take all day telling you everything I like about you, but I’ll show you better and I’ll fill you with kisses, hugs and gifts. Happy birthday, sweetie, life would be a very dark place if you were not with me. ”

“By your side, the worst moments are less bad, your love makes everything better. You are a wonderful person that I was lucky enough to meet and I am blessed to share my life with you. Happy birthday, my love. ”

 My best birthday wishes for my partner:

“Happy birthday, my love. As you blow the candles of your cake, let me make a wish to me too: I want you to be happy always as much as you are today, I want the smile that is drawn on your face not be erased by anything in the world. I love you dear”.

“Diamonds compared to your love become charcoal because your love is a thousand times more valuable. Thank you for sharing it with me and for making me the happiest man in the world.

I hope you will be many years older and that in each one of them I can show you how much I love you. Happy Birthday”.

“Today is a perfect day to thank you for being the wonderful woman you are, to apologize for all the discussions and to remind you once again that I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday my love!”

“Only some lucky people can have a woman like you in their life. I thank God for having your love and for helping me to win your heart. Happy birthday, my life, you are an exemplary wife and woman without equal “.

“I do not imagine my life without you, my love, that’s why this day is very special. It reminds me of the great fortune that you exist and that you have crossed in my life. Happy birthday, my heart, I will ask God to bless you and allow me to always be by your side “.

 Cards with birthday greetings to my girlfriend:

“One look was enough to fall in love with you and a look is enough to convince me every day that you are and always will be the love of my lifeHappy birthday, my beautiful, and the gifts I have for you are not enough to show you how much you mean to me. ”

“Even after all the moments lived together, after all these years of love, every time I see you my heart feels a great emotion.

You are my home, my path, my hidden paradise. Happy Birthday my love”.
We hope that these birthday greetings for my wife for WhatsApp have pleased you and inspired you to prepare a unique greeting for her. Inamorata much more on this special day for all who appreciate it.

Cute birthday greetings for my love

In the year we have several national holidays, but there are others that are personal as the birthday of a loved one.

It does not matter if that day is Monday or Wednesday, that day is special because we commemorate the birth of a special person in our lives. On this occasion we refer to our partner, to that person who is the owner of our heart.

Today we want to leave you these cute birthday greetings for my love with those we hope you can express to that special boy or girl for you how happy you are to celebrate his birthday once more.

Good wishes with romantic birthday greetings to my love:

“Today is a great day because my love, you, precious, you fulfill another year. I am happy to be part of your life, to be able to give you a nice gift and show you how much I love you. Happy Birthday! “.

“A day like today you were born, love and you cheered everyone with your beautiful smile. Now that I know you, you bring joy to my life and I could not be happier to be part of this celebration. Happy birthday, my heart, may God fill you with blessings. ”

“I hope to continue being a witness of your birthdays, love to continue having the opportunity to make you happy. I hope this day is unforgettable, that all the people who love you are present, my gift is my great love for you. Happy birthday honey”.

“No matter how much time we have together, your birthday will always be a day that excites me, a day when I want to make you very happy.

I hope that the surprise I have prepared for you will prove to you that the love I feel for you remains intact despite the years. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy birthday, sweetie. Today is a special contra day and I hope that God will fill you with blessings and allow you to fulfill many more years. I adore you, my heart every year that you fulfill is for me a gift from God. ”

Cute birthday dedications for my wife:

“The love that united us, is not the same, I have to tell you. It is much greater, it is a love that knows no limits and was born to be infinite. It’s my biggest gift to you, it’s my best way to wish you a happy birthday. I love you!”

“Regardless of all the gifts you receive, the most beautiful gift you will receive will always be the love of your family and my love, as well as the blessing of God that we all ask of you. That today and always you are very happy, that nothing spoils this beautiful day “.

“You deserve the best gift of all, the best birthday of all because you are a very special person. Unfortunately my pockets are empty but my heart is full of love for you, it’s the only gift I can give you in heaps. I adore you, sweetheart and I hope you will be many years older. ”

“I feel grateful to God for being able to spend another birthday with you, for being able to witness your joy and your illusion.

I adore you, my love and I will endeavor to make this the best birthday of all, and my best gift will be to give you my heart full of love, congratulations in your day. Happy Birthday! “.

“I love celebrating this day and I hope that God allows me to celebrate with you all the birthdays that you have ahead. I love you, sweetheart, have a happy birthday, I’m sure my gift will be the best you receive this day. “
“You deserve the best birthday of all and all the people that we want to try to give you, love.

Happy birthday, my heart, thank you for being part of my life and for allowing me to be part of yours. Your happiness is the best gift for all of us. ”

Congratulate your partner with these cute birthday greetings for my love. We are sure that he or she will be happy to receive one of these greetings.


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