Messages to forget a bad love | Words of lack of love

Unfortunately, having ever experienced a bad love in life.

It is normal that you feel pain when you initiate the separation with that bad love, but be glad, because it will not last forever.

If you want to support the recovery process of your heart, then it is best to let out what you have inside, expressing it with phrases like the ones below for you.

We hope you find them suitable for the occasion.

Messages to say I want to forget a bad love

“It is difficult to assimilate that now you walk with another person in the same way as you used to do with me.

It is a pity that everything has been like that, but I wish you the best, and I hope you can be truly happy, as I will be very soon, without you “.

“Never listen to the body, do it with the soul. For you it brought a terrible consequence, because now you are with someone who only wants you for your shell, but does not know your interior.

I loved you for who you were, but now that you’ve shown me that you can easily change your way of being, I do not do it anymore. ”

“A lot of grief inspires me all this, a lot of pity for you, because you have left someone who was willing to do anything for you for someone for whom you have to do everything for you. I hope you can find happiness. Good luck and goodbye. ”

“The true words of love are those that flaunt the soul and the heart, not the body.

You let yourself be cheated and you put ours in the bin, but that’s fine, because, thanks to that, now I know what you really are. ”

“A true love always has the arms ready to receive you, not the back to reject you or forget you.

With this cruel gesture on your part I verified that all your smiles were false, I was naive, but I will never be more “.

Thoughts of loving disillusion

“It is not worth continuing crying, because even if it forms a new ocean with my tears, you will not return, and if you did, it would be out of sorrow and not out of love.

I prefer to be in solitude than to receive compassion from someone like you. ”

“Although I am in immense pain, I know that this is the best, because I do not even want to imagine what a life of courtship or marriage would have been like with you, if you did not really love me.

Thank you I give to God for removing the blindfold. ”

“At last I understood that we are not made for each other, so there will be no space for you in my heart.

A treacherous and deceitful person like you does not even deserve that my liver reneges for you “.

“I have no regrets for being with you, because now I know how to recognize the hypocrites.

Today I cry, but tomorrow I will never do it again because I learned, and I will be happy for it “.

“It hurts me how it is that this has ended, but not for me, but for you, because you do not believe that you will escape punishment for making me suffer.

Do not believe that I will give it to you, it will be who truly loves me and will never stop doing it, God. ”

Texts for a couple that broke my heart

“I do not know how long it would take me to forget you, but I am sure that I will succeed, then I will be happy. You seem fine now, but remember that nothing ever goes unpunished. ”

These phrases will help you to take all bad love out of your heart and to feel relieved and on the way to a complete recovery.

New sad love stateus for WhatsApp

Love leaves, sometimes, a broken heart when one of the two fails or stops feeling the same.

This inspires sad thoughts and feelings that need to be expressed so that one will, over time, feel better, so that is why today we want to give you a hand if you are going through such a time.

Then, you can find some states that you can share on WhatsApp if you find yourself sad and in need of letting go of all that you have inside and that hurts you.

Go ahead and take a look and use them, soon you’ll be better if you let go of all that pain.

States of sadness for a relationship that reached its end

“Love is like a rose, it can be very beautiful, but it always rocks you when you approach it. That’s why I’ll be alone from now on, so neither I nor anyone will suffer damage. ”

“Neither your compassion nor your sorrow will alleviate the pain in this heart that you broke, so if you do not think about going back with me, I prefer that you do not try anything to remedy it, because you will not be able”.

“You changed a lot, knowing you was love at first sight, but then I noticed that you had only been hiding your true intentions.

Now that you got tired of me, you left, I hope you do not do the same thing ever. ”

“I think you’ve left me without tears, but that’s good, because I already understand that it’s not worthwhile to continue crying for someone I do not value.

I do not wish you the best, but not the worst, I just hope that we will never see each other again. ”

“For a long time I believed in everything you told me, but my eyes have already opened and I know that I will never have so much credulity.

I love myself more than you, so you can leave my life whenever you want. ”

Sadness phrases of a love that cannot be

“I failed you, and although I regret it, I know I cannot go back anymore. That you be happy, that life gives you new experiences and you can forget me.

I hope that I can do it too. ”

“I should not have called you, hearing another voice answering your phone broke my heart. You will never know that I am still thinking about you, but at least I already know that I should not do it because in your heart there is someone else “.

“Sorry for not having filled your expectations, even when you did fill and even surpassed mine.

I wish I could have changed for you, but, although I tried hard, I did not manage it, and today I pay the price for it “.

“Here, standing in front of the great ocean, I crave only to hear the waves come and go, but only the memories of when you came to my life, and also of when you left me come to my mind”.

Messages to say I want to forget a bad love

“I cannot finish accepting that we are no longer together. So little did it mean to you? I wanted to give everything for you, but I think it was not enough for your heart. ”

“I thought that dreaming had been an excellent sign that I should know you and be more than your friend, but now I realize that, apparently, it was a warning that asked me to take care of you because you would break my heart”.

“My body has not obeyed me for quite some time now. I asked him not to fall in love with you and he did, I asked him not to beg you when you left I and he did, and now that I ask him to stop crying for you, he still ignores me. ”

Best thing you can do to relieve yourself and recover as soon as possible. We hope that these phrases for Whatsapp will serve you a lot.


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