Asking my partner for time alone | My boyfriend’s separation phrases

Some couples go through times when they are not getting along and discuss frequently. It is in those cases in which either party or both, decide that it is best to take time to be alone and think things through.

If you currently feel that it would be good to be alone to meditate and evaluate your emotional situation, these phrases will be perfect for you.

That way you can tell your boyfriend what you feel and need today.

Messages to ask my boyfriend for some time for reflection:

“In these months that we have been together, I have realized that things between us are no longer as before.

Lately we fight for everything and we are not having a good relationship. I think it is best for both of us to take a break and be alone for a while to be able to think well if the love we really have is so great.”

“For several weeks now I feel that our relationship is in a very strong crisis. We do not empathize and we are being very selfish.

The truth is that I need a moment to be alone and to truly know what I feel in my heart because it seems to me that we are hurting ourselves and it is not fair to either of us. ”

“It is very sad for me to have to say this, but I feel that if I do not do it, you will not dare to ask for it.

We need to temporarily separate because we are hurting ourselves with so many fights and arguments.

It is not healthy to continue like this and I think we need to be far from each other so that our feelings clear up and maybe in the future we can decide whether to continue our relationship or not.”

“I really don’t want to hurt you or cause you any harm, but I have realized that I no longer feel safe feeling the same for you.

It’s very complicated to explain, but I don’t want to fool myself or be dishonest with you.

You deserve the best in the world and at this moment I do not feel able to continue in this way, because I can not be sure if the love I used to have is still within me, that is why I ask you for some time to know what I carry in my heart. ”

“A few years ago you asked me to be your girlfriend and I was madly in love with you, that’s why I accepted and was the happiest woman in the world.

Now, after many moments lived and having enjoyed that intense love, I feel that everything has changed between us.

There is no longer the emotion of the beginning and I do not know if it is the custom or the routine of everyday life.

It is for this reason that I need to take a break from our relationship in order to know for sure what is happening between us.”

Phrases to ask for a momentary separation with my boyfriend

“ I am very sorry for the bad times we are going through. I know you don’t want to hurt me and I don’t want to hurt you either.

That is why I have decided that we should move away for a while to stop the number of discussions and misunderstandings that occur between us.

That way we can calm down and analyze our emotions, in order to know if we are able to move forward with our relationship or in any case permanently separate.

It is very hard to make decisions because this defines many things. Especially in the sentimental field, because our happiness and the love that unites us with the other person is at stake.

However, sometimes it is necessary for our good and that of our partner. We hope you visit us soon. Until next time!

Express your feelings after a loving disappointment

Love is a blessing from God, it is a beautiful feeling that gladdens our hearts.

When we find a person who loves us unconditionally, we feel completely happy and do our best to make the relationship work in the best way.

However, there are times when that person we love, for some reason, fails us and we suffer a great disappointment.

It is in those moments when we feel completely sad and desolate, and we want to express everything we feel for that disappointment.

There is no doubt that it is completely healthy to be able to say what we have in our hearts so that we can let off steam, that way we help each other relieve pain and feel better.

That is why we have created these beautiful phrases with which you can express your emotions after a loving disappointment.

Words to overcome a disappointment of love

“I still can’t believe this happened to me. I was very much in love with him, but he cheated on me and it will cost me a lot to get over it.

It’s hard to think that the person you love most is capable of betraying you, but they are things that happen and all that remains is to overcome pain.

I hope one day I can find someone who is really capable of loving me as I deserve it and never fails.”

“We had many years of relationship and was able to give my life for him. However, he failed to value it and failed me in the worst way. He tricked me and made fun of me, but in the same way I wish him no harm.

I hope he can realize that love must be respected and that it is not fair or good to make fun of someone who truly loves you.”

“Some time ago I ended a long relationship and I must confess that I was very happy while I was with my boyfriend.

We were the perfect couple and we understood each other a lot. After several months, things began to change and it seemed that love was over.

The truth is that I was quite disappointed because I realized that he was not the love of my life because it was only an intense romance that could not reach more.

Anyway, I thank God for allowing me to live such a beautiful experience.”

“I know that life is not perfect and that not everything lasts forever, but for a moment I came to think that I could have a love for a lifetime.

I felt things I had never imagined and my heart was filled with happiness just by hearing his name.

It was magical and incredible what this boy could cause in me, but suddenly everything changed, and became a sick relationship.

It hurt me a lot and from that moment I stopped believing that someone can love sincerely.”

“Love is incredibly fantastic and I have no doubt that loving and being loved was the best thing that happened to me in life.

I had a relationship with a wonderful man and although it lasted very little, I was totally happy.

Unfortunately, things did not go for more, and I was very disappointed to know that this boy did not feel the same for me, but I do not regret having lived beautiful moments by his side.

Words to help a friend overcome a sorrow of love

“It causes me a lot of pain to remember everything I suffered from my ex-boyfriend. He hurt me a lot and cheated me cruelly.

He just dedicated himself to making fun of me and making me believe that he really loved me. It was the biggest disappointment of my life and this sadness that now overwhelms me will not leave my heart so easy, because it has completely destroyed me.”

It is very painful to take disappointment in love, but all the experiences lived to help us to become stronger.

Do not hesitate to express what you feel as a result, because it will help you to travel this stage of your life in the best way. We wait for you again here. See you soon! Luck!


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