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Sometimes we think that everything we give in this world will be returned to us in the same way but sometimes it is not like that.

There have been times when we give love and yet in response we only receive bad moments, negative feelings, among others.

Sometimes we have felt like all the love we have given has been poorly paid, we have been hurt and more.

Without a doubt, in this world we will come across good people as well as bad people, we will cry, we will laugh, etc. In this post you will see original phrases about a love that I am paying you for free, Amazing Heartbreak Quotes for whatsapp status.

Messages to say goodbye to a bad love:

“I think I got carried away by my feelings and did not realize that you did not really value the love I always gave you, the pleasant moments I gave you, my days, my nights and more.

I feel that I was just a toy in your life with which you spent only moments and that you did not value them.

I’m sorry but that’s the truth and even if it hurts you I want to tell you that you did not know how to reciprocate my love. ”

“I do not know how you could deceive me in such a way. Every time you told me something nice you looked me in the eyes and I thought you were honest but I was wrong.

You are a person who knows how to cheat perfectly, but I think you believe even your own lies.

You mistreated the love I gave you and that I can never forgive. Be assured that you will never find another person than your life for you. ”

“I want you to know that the world is spinning and when you least realize life will charge you for all the damage you have done.

Playing with a person’s feelings is low, mean and more. I was always honest with you and I did not deserve to be mistreated and less for the man who loves me so much. It will be difficult for you to find someone who loves you like me. ”

“Only a person who is blind with love cannot realize that the love they swore was not true.

I had big dreams with you, illusions, plans and many more things that today have collapsed. I believe that you will never be able to love anyone because in you that feeling will never be born. ”

“Even though I often say it, I am sure that your heart does not have the capacity to love anyone. You just love yourself and you do not care about hurting other people.

Your goal is to live, spend pleasant moments even if that hurts the people who love you. Thanks for making me see that you were not worth it. You lost an excellent woman in your life. ”

Strong words to say you do not deserve my love:

“I have always heard that there is a step from love to hate.

I do not want to tell you that I hate you because in me you cannot live such negative feelings but I can tell you that you did not deserve to love you. Someday you will be in my place and you will know what it feels like. ”

“At times memories come to my mind that I lived with you and I cannot help but drop some tears but I am strong and I think that if I ever cry again, it will be for someone who really is worth it and not for someone who does not value my feelings.”

“How wrong you were if you thought that I would never realize the game you were playing with me.

Your game is over and I will not be by your side to continue suffering. Love is a feeling that you have never known or felt for anyone. ”

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Words to make my boyfriend feel bad for Cheat

As is normal, we all start a relationship with hope and hope that things are forever, that the love that unites us to our partner is eternal, that life smiles, that we share all the moments, live wonderful experiences, joys, sorrows and more.

However, many times this happiness is marred when something happens that cannot be accepted, when our heart is damaged and our feelings fall apart, among others.

This time we wanted to get you a relationship of excellent phrases to make my boyfriend feel bad for cheating on me for free, which you can share from this moment.

We are sure that by reading them you will feel identified with many of them.

Phrases to face a man who cheated on me:

“We were together for many years. We swear eternal love, we made promises of love and many other things.

However today I feel that my happiness has been tarnished. You cheated on me with another person and that has no name. I will never understand why you caused so much damage to the one who gave you all his love. ”

“Every night I think about what happened with our relationship. Who was at fault, what were my mistakes and more but nothing has an answer.

If I had known that you would finally cheat on me with another woman I would not have accepted your love. I hope someday I can forgive you this great pain that you left me. ”

“Nothing can excuse a deception, much less if it is with another person. I gave you everything about me, my best years, my heart, my life and more.

How do you want me to feel if you destroyed our relationship of so many years for a few hours of pleasure? You do not know how I regret having trusted you. ”

“I never imagined that you would act in this way. I always believed blindly in your love, in your affection, fidelity and many principles that I thought you had.

Now I realize that I was an illusion that nothing you said was true because to deceive me as you have done must have been all lies. ”

“Bad things always come out one day and unfortunately I had to find out about your deception. You do not know how hard it has been for me and how painful.

I would have liked to hear about your lie for you and not for third parties. What pain have you given me? ”

Finish my loving relationship for treason:

“Nothing justifies that you have deceived me after everything I did for you.

I love you with all the strength of my heart and you know it and yet you did not notice the pain you would bring to my life. What a pity it gives me but I think you’re a person without scruples. ”

“You know how much I adore you and how hurt I am for having cheated on me.

Maybe if you had explained it to me I would have tried to justify an unjustifiable fault but you damaged without thinking that you would break my heart in two. ”

“I never thought that I would betray the man I love most in this life. Someone in whom I place all my love, hopes, dreams, hopes and more.

I’m happy to have noticed in time the kind of person you are. ”

“Your betrayal has taken away my smile, my desire to live, my desire to love and more. I’m sure it will take many years for me to forget what you’ve done.

I think it’s something that has no name in this life. ”

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