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Phrases for my boyfriend who is far away

Sometimes, for work or academic reasons, life separates us from the people we love the most and we have to stop seeing them for some time.

The distance is so cruel and ruthless with the feelings, because it makes us miss that being we love and that we cannot have by our side the time we want.

If your boyfriend is away for different reasons and you want to tell him how much you miss him and how much he needs you, well here we leave you some phrases that you can use for it.

Very cute texts of I miss you love:

“Love, it hurts me so much that we are far away and that we cannot spend more time together. I know there are priorities such as studies and work, but I would give everything to spend a whole week together without anyone or anything bothering us. I miss you so much baby. When I see you I will give you a huge hug and an infinite kiss. ”

“I miss you too much, baby. I know we will meet again soon and we can do everything we have planned. I’m dying to hold you and whisper in your ears how much I’ve missed you and tell you that I love you.

Thank you for being like you are with me and for giving yourself time to see each other despite everything you have to do. I love you with my soul, my heaven. ”

“Baby, I hope you are well and that everything is going great. I miss you so much, I miss your hugs, your kisses, your warm hands, and the brightness of your eyes, your words of love and encouragement that make me feel that everything will be fine. I hope to see you again as soon as possible, because without you everything stops being beautiful. ”

“I miss you as I miss the stars on a cloudy night, I miss you with all my strength, I miss you as I miss the sunny days of spring, and I miss you as I miss the sea breeze.

Come back soon, my love, that many happy days await us. I love you and I ask God to take care of you and bring you to safety. ”

“I want to return to give you a big hug and a huge kiss, my love. I miss you so much. All this time we have been away I have felt very lonely and I have needed so much of you, your smile, your kisses, your hugs and your spirits. Never forget that I love you and you are my whole life. ”

Beautiful dedications to my partner who is far:

“Today I dreamed that you told me that you would not go back and that you would stay away from me forever. I woke up crying and sweating, my whole body was cold and my heart ached.

But I know it was just a bad dream and that soon we will see each other and we will embrace and love each other to infinity. ”

“This desire to see you, to embrace you and to tell you that I love you has become irrepressible. I miss you too, baby. There are only days left before we can see each other again.

My heart fills with emotion just knowing that we will have an extraordinary moment when we see each other. I love you baby”.

“I thank God for allowing us to know each other and ask him to take care of you and keep you safe from all evil.

I miss you too much, but I understand that there are things we have to do like studying and working and we cannot be together all the time. I love you with all my being, love. Thanks for being the way you are”.

“My love for you is extraordinarily immense and intensifies with the passing of days. This distance hurts me, but it helps us to be able to do our things. I know that when we see each other there will be nobody or nothing will separate us. I love you”.

It is very complicated to be far from the person you love and it hurts too much to miss her, but do not despair and think that soon they will be able to be together, hug each other and tell each other how much they love each other. When love is pure and immense, no distance can destroy it.

We hope you have been helpful in the phrases that we left you and that you have been able to tell your beloved how much you miss him.

Soon we will have more phrases for different situations, so do not forget to visit us as soon as possible. Good luck!

Phrases to tell your special someone how much you love her

When you fall in love you really feel that if that person leaves nothing will be the same, because it is she who makes your days special and makes you really happy.

Conserving a relationship is a very complicated task, because you cannot always be next to that person for different reasons and trust and understanding must prevail.

Something that helps the relationship go well is to express what you feel for that person naturally, that’s why we help you here and give you some phrases that you can use to tell your beloved or loved how much it means to you and how much you miss him when he is not by your side.

Tender messages of love to share with my partner:

“Love, you are everything to me. Without you my life would be horrible, my mornings would turn gray, the days would freeze my heart and at night the loneliness would take over me.
Thank you for giving me so much happiness and for always being by my side giving me encouragement. I love you with all my being”.

“Baby, I love you too much. You are my whole life, you are my sun, you are my most beautiful dreams, you are my heaven, you are my king, and you are my everything.

Thanks for being like you are and for treating me like a princess. Never forget how important you are to me and that I love you here for the Moon round trip. ”

“Princess, I wanted to tell you that since you are in my life everything is better. Now I see the world from a different perspective.

Life is more beautiful, the sun shines with more intensity, the wind blows our names and the night has become an accomplice of our love. I love you with all my being and more. ”

“Girl, I love you too much. You are the person who is always giving me encouragement and hope to continue with my dreams. Thank you for trusting me and my ability. You are all for my baby. I will love you forever and one day. ”

“My life, you are my everything and my nothing: my everything because with you I can do everything, and my nothing because without you I am nothing. I love you with all my being, baby.

Without you my life would be terrible and I could not stand it. You give me strength and teach me to be strong, but the mere fact of knowing you far from me depresses me and my soul grieves.

You are my source of inspiration and love and I ask God to keep us together forever. ”

Romantic poems for a person we love:

“Love, thank you for always being by my side taking care of me and loving me. You are everything to me and you are my strengths. I thank God for having put you in my path and I beg you to take care of you and give you strength to keep going with all your dreams.

He will allow our love to remain pure and that nothing and no one will harm us. I love you with all my strength and I will always be by your side supporting you. ”

“I know that in past lives we saw each other and we loved each other and that in future lives we will also be together. This life took a little while to appear, but happily we are already together and our love has managed to reach enormous limits.

I love you with all my being, I loved you, I love you and I will love you three thousand lives and deaths too. You are my life and I will never stop being by your side. ”

“Life has been very generous in making us together. My love for you is extraordinarily strong and pure.

You are my whole life, you are my girl, you are my dreams come true, you are my hope, you are my life and my death, you are my Moon, you are my stars, you are my night, my morning and my afternoon too, you are my days and my years. I love you with all my being and more, my little one “.

We hope you have been helpful in the phrases we gave you and that you have been able to tell that beloved person how important it is for you and that without it you would not be happy.

Thank you for trusting us for important occasions like this, we will soon have new free phrases. See you soon!


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