Messages for someone who has separated from their partner

Support phrases for the end of a relationship

When a love relationship ends, many wonder what mistakes they made and without realizing, this causes greater suffering. If you have a friend who has recently ended a relationship, the ideal thing you could do is to give him your support and contention in this very complicated time. Here you will find support phrases regarding the end of a relationship. Send condolences to those who are suffering from the end of a relationship.

Sometimes separations are abrupt, on other occasions they are needed, but on all occasions they cause grief. When a relationship ends it is very difficult to accept because when a love relationship begins we have the idea that it will be for life. Have you just separated from your partner and want to share your feelings? Then you will know these messages of solace can serve you. Use them to define your feelings and give some relief to the pain you experience from distancing yourself from that person you promised to have love forever.

Words of encouragement

:: “I understand that you feel you are in a space without light. Just endure, knowing you will eventually see light at the end of the dark tunnel you are now in.”

:: “He made the decision to leave your life without explaining himself and you don’t have to stop him, when everything calms down you will understand that you don’t need the love of a person that is not honest.”

:: “You gave everything and it was not appreciated. You gave your forgiveness to many of his faults and he did not have the ability to give his forgiveness to only one of your faults”

:: “In life, not every day is sunny. On this day you feel your whole heart broken because love is over, but it will arrive again and you will know much better how to handle it.”

:: “You are a completely beautiful being inside and out, the one who left you is the one who lost”

:: “Together with her you lived precious moments and today the time came to turn the page. Do not forbid yourself love because in your life you are destined to have happiness”

:: “I am very sorry that you are sad for the end of your relationship, keep in mind that the day will come when you meet real, long lasting love”

:: “This will be your last cry of sorrow, the next time I see you crying it will be joy, he who does not love you completely is not the one for you”

:: “All the cold you feel in your heart will soon pass. There will come a day when someone  will come into your life. He will warm your heart, make you smile and love you like no one you have met before.”

:: “You were crazy in love with him. Your life had meaning by his presence. Do not wish bad for him, just stop try to move on. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Sad words to end my love story

:: “On more than one occasion my heart has been broken and loneliness has been my companion several times, you have a lot of youth and I am sure that the true love of your life has not yet come, in the instant you do not think it will happen and now it will be to infinity ”

:: “Dear friend, love travels back and forth, maybe today the pain seems eternal but the time will come when you will stop remembering”

:: “Life in common was hellish and being separated has been the best decision, today you can make your life again and give yourself another option in love”

My partner’s separation status for facebook

:: “I have pain in my spirit because I will not be able to kiss you again and because everything we promised in love will not be fulfilled.

:: “Today, for many people, there will be a sun that illuminates them, but for me it will be a dark day. Not being with the one I lived the most beautiful moments of my existence made the decision to end our love relationship”

:: “I feel that my heart has just split, it was beautiful while we had it but it is time to assume that everything is over”

:: “I never believed that the being that I loved with all my soul was capable of causing me so much sadness, I am crying tirelessly because our love came to an end”

:: “Only those who gave love and in the end ended up with a broken heart know my feelings. My world, that was full of joy, is today a painful and empty space”

Phrases of ending a love relationship

:: “With him I had thousands of reasons to achieve happiness and finally a mistake ended up distancing us, it would be so nice that it was just a bad dream”

:: “You were wrong in a tremendous way, I did everything to your liking, and you ended up being disloyal, I am sure that you are not worthy of a single one of my tears but in spite of that I am still crying for you”

:: “I only asked you to be honest with me, what causes me more pain is that everything you told me about love was false, falsehoods that make my heart suffer today”

:: “After everything that has happened I don’t know if I will fall in love again, I gave you all my love and your payment was lies, our end is forever”

:: “In my heart there is a refusal to feel nothing because I still feel love for you but I will force it because I consider you a poor person, it is over and I ask you not to try to be close to me”

Feelings after a breakup

:: “Finally everyone was right, my time wasted by your side, I thought you loved me seriously but you only made fun of my feelings, today you are only a bad memory”

:: “I had the dream that my better half had found and in the end you were the biggest disappointment, I will distance myself from you so as not to remember you and bury my memories”

:: “I have stopped feeling the happy beating of my heart because you are no longer part of me, I am the culprit of everything and therefore I will be sorry forever”

:: “I would like to sink into the earth because I do not tolerate this suffering, it is the most painful day of my whole life because I disappointed the person who expressed his love to me all the time”


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