Messages for Happy anniversary: Greetings for couple’s anniversary

If love has touched the door of your heart, feel a very happy person and never stop celebrating such an enormous blessing, especially when the union with your partner fulfills one more year of life. Do you want to know how to transmit all those feelings that flood your soul to your half?

So you cannot stop looking at the following messages to dedicate in love anniversaries.

We are sure that you and your partner will enjoy this wonderful day with these romantic dedications.

Greetings for wedding anniversary

“It must be that sixth sense with which we tell women who told me that you would be a very special person in my life when I first saw you.

Definitely, that inner little voice that whispered to me that I approached you was not wrong, because now we are a very beautiful couple Happy Anniversary! “.

“I do not need you to fulfill all the beautiful fantastic promises that you made me in your poems, like lowering the moon or crossing a thousand seas, because you make me happy just by being by my side.

Thank you for giving me this year of beautiful moments. Let many more come! Happy Anniversary, my king. ”

“My sweet princess Happy Anniversary of our love! A year ago our hearts wanted to start beating at the same pace, and since then we have been very happy.

It is undeniable that not everything went as we wanted, but in the end we have grown as a couple and that is what really matters “.

“God must have us in very high esteem, since I feel the most beloved of his children for the immense and great blessing that he gave me, to be with you, my treasure. Happy Anniversary of our love! ”

“Let’s go out to the city holding hands and spilling love everywhere, let’s spread the world with our romanticism and let’s show everyone that we have the world record in love. Happy Anniversary!”

Cute words to remember our wedding anniversary

“Thanks to life for making you appear in my days and make them more beautiful. I love you, you have no idea how great I feel for you, Congratulations on our Anniversary! ”

“Come closer that my lips thirst for yours, do not turn away from me that my heart wants to feel yours and copy the rhythm of your heartbeat, embrace me and protect me from the winter of loneliness let’s be one for life! Happy day of our love. ”

“Now that we are together, every time I remember my past, I see it in a gray color. How sad my life was until I met you!

I hope I can fill your days with joy as you do with mine. Happy Anniversary, my love! ”

“True love does exist, and what we live together every day is the best example that exists to prove its existence.

Being the one for the other does not mean never having problems, but overcoming them as a team, whatever happens. Long live our anniversary! “.

“Ours could have started being an illusion, a game of two young lovers who did not know where they were going, but life has taught us to mature our love, and today is as beautiful and strong as a leafy tree full of Fruits Happy Anniversary, my complement! “

Did you like these messages that we leave for you? We are sure that yes, and that you will not hesitate to take any of them to dedicate to your partner on your anniversary. Enjoy your day! See you soon.

Phrases to wish happy anniversary to the love of my life

We all know that finding the person who complements you in this life is not easy, indeed, some unfortunately leave this world without having found that wonderful being.

If you have the happiness of having the love of your life with you, do not forget to thank God, just do not let the routine end up ruining your relationship.

To always surprise your better half, have beautiful phrases ready to dedicate them at all times, especially when some important dates are near, such as an anniversary.

Below you will find some ideas that you will surely love.

Tender love poems for a couple’s anniversary

“With you by my side, life is like a dream from which I hope never to wake up.

In that way, I will be able to have the opportunity to celebrate this date thousands of times more and in millions of different ways by your side. Happy Anniversary, my love! ”

“With nobody else I can imagine a whole future world, only with you. You know well that you are the love of my life, but rest assured that I will not tire of repeating it because I am extremely happy to declare it. I love you, Happy Anniversary! ”

“With you by my side I do not need anything or anyone else. You are for me and I am for you that is the greatest truth of all.

Even so, believe me I will not stop trying to fall in love day after day because I love stealing sighs and love glances Happy Anniversary, my heart! ”

“Of everything I do in life, the best has always been and will be to love you. Thank you for these years of sweet company, great love, full joy.

I promise you that we will always live every day of our lives as if it were the last. My love, Happy Anniversary! ”

“My heart has long since found a new reason to beat, and that reason is you Happy Anniversary, my sweetheart!

May God bless our love and make it last forever, nothing would make me happier than seeing this desire realized”

Very loving thoughts for my boyfriend for our anniversary

“No matter all the changes that happen in our lives, what will never change, not even a little, is the eternal and true love we have for each other.

Treasure long live our great Anniversary! And that lasts for many more centuries”

“I can finish my life, but what will never end is this great love that was born between the two and that is the most beautiful thing that has ever existed.

Neither distance nor time will be able to separate us because we were made for each other. Complement of mine, Happy Anniversary! ”

“Do not ever leave me, because the day that happens, will be the day when my spiritual heart stops beating. They will be able to see me alive on the outside, but I will be a dead person in life.

And you have become my engine to exist and be happy. I love you so much, Happy Anniversary! ”

“My search for true love ended when I met you. By your side I learned that in the simple and sincere you can find more happiness than in the opulent and ornate. Thank you for being an important part of my life. Happy Anniversary! ”

“I can definitely find your name among the synonyms of the word” love “, because since we are together it is the only thing you have been able to give me.

You are a wonderful being and nothing fills me with greater pride than being the love of your life and that you are mine. Happy Anniversary! ”

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