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Beautiful love texts

for whatsapp

There is nothing so beautiful to say beautiful things to the woman you love so much and if you are one of those men who go out of their way to continue conquering the heart of your partner here we have beautiful messages of love to send by WhatsApp.

In this article we want to share the best phrases of love for WhatsApp with the intention that you continue to feed that feeling that needs care and reasons to stay alive.

We invite you to read this section carefully the best love dedications for WhatsApp, we assure you that you will be able to thrill your sweet half.

Cards with love messages for Whatsapp:

“Your love is like the anchor that keeps me in the place where I must remain regardless of whether there are storms.”

“By my side I plan my future, I cannot take you away from him because if you are not with me it would make no sense to live without you.”

“I am not worried about what awaits me in the future, the compass of my heart will always lead us to happiness because you are the greatest treasure I possess. I love you infinitely. ”

“Not all of our ideas agree but we always look for a balance so that our relationship is stable and harmonious.”

“Your Love makes me drunk, your skin envelops me to give me its warmth, I love having you so close to me.”

Beautiful love dedications to send by cellphone:

“If I begin to caress your body I can perceive that my skin is igniting like an uncontrollable flame that only wants to devour you.”

“I look at you, I hear you speak and I can’t control my senses because I feel that I lost them completely for you.”

“There is only you, me and our love that creates a real world where we both fight to stay together and happy.”

“Our love is so great that it reaches the top of the sky where it is able to fill the infinite spaces.”

“My love for you is so big and bright, tender, sweet, passionate, you are beautiful and you deserve to be loved in this way.”

Romantic phrases for my partner:

“My life, by your side I enjoy the best that life offers me because I have the best of luck having found true love in you.”

“Having you by my side is the most beautiful thing that can happen to me because you make me see life on the most precious side.”

“Love, I want you to be proud of me, I have learned from you to face life with courage and responsibility.”

“Love, maybe some dreams won’t come true, I don’t want you to feel defeated and I remind you that I learned from you to keep trying and not lose hope”.

“You are a very important person because your love has a great influence on my life.”

Words of love to my girlfriend on instagram:

“I don’t want to offer you what I’m not sure I can accomplish, but I always have among my plans to give you the best reasons for you to feel in love with me.”

“We share the same responsibility that comes with having a relationship, I love you for being a great person and ideal partner.”

“Love, from you I learned that not everything is impossible, you have given me strength when I felt tired and you have always encouraged my dreams.”

“You are like the lighthouse that is always on to show me the right path that I must follow in this life that I want to enjoy by your side by your side.”

Thank you, my love, for showing me the way and for coming to meet you when you knew I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed to recharge with your strength. ”

Love cards to post on facebook:

“With sure steps you indicated to me the path that I must continue in the fragility of life that I will continue to take from your hand.”

“Thank you for returning to me when I was lost or in trouble, you taught me that to win a battle it is sometimes necessary to pause to regain strength.”

“My love, thank you for listening to me and understanding me even when I want to be silent.”

“My life, even if you are not with me today, there is a thread that holds our souls together that will remain in love forever.”

“I adore your special way of loving me, our conversations are high and other high, but in the end we are always in love.”

Give your partner a romantic phrase like the ones in this article and we hope you continue to find what you need on this website that we have created to continue talking about love.

The best romantic phrases for my girlfriend

If you are looking for some romantic thought for your sweet half you have many options, but we on this website offer you the best selection of articles related to this theme that will never go out of style.

Do not let your love relationship cool down and no matter how well they are not in the routine and occasionally surprise your partner with a beautiful dedication of love that is always effective to make your sweet half fall in love more.

Check out what comes next and we are sure that there will be more than one sentence that you will like.

Messages and phrases of love for Twitter:

“Our lives were exposed to the elements of life, but since we love each other we are strong and brave in the face of everything that confronts our feelings.”

“Since you told me that you both had me as if you had given me a new life, the day you don’t love me my heart will stop beating.”

“I haven’t been in love with any other woman the way I am with you.”

“We are in a stage of life in which I could not think that after you there could be another way of wanting in this way.”

“You are so far from me, but I feel you so close, because you never stop making me notice that you think of me every moment.”

Beautiful words to say I love you:

“My life, I would like to shorten the distances that separates us today to take you in my arms, look into your eyes and fill you with kisses.”

“This short separation is not measured in kilometers but in feelings that never cease to be the same because we never stop loving each other.”

“Our souls come together as one since my gaze is confused with yours and we both look towards the good path where our love leads us.”

“Love of my life and my heart, only you are all that I need. I love you”.

“When you hug me you seem so fragile and I feel as if you are afraid of losing me, that’s why without harming you I squeeze you so that your heartbeat is at the same pace as mine.”

The best love poems for facebook:

“I hug you with all my strength so that you feel my love and the security that only this great feeling can convey to you because I love you deeply.”

“Many times my love for you cannot explain in words what I feel because my feeling is the deepest expression of my soul.”

“To love you as you deserve, I just need you to give me time because this feeling that I carry within me will teach you what love is.”

“To love is to always walk hand in hand, breathing the same air and watching life pass with the same eyes in love.”

“Since I kissed your lips, the sweet taste that captivated me from the first time I caressed them permeated me.”

Thoughts of love for my partner:

“I don’t need to climb to the top of a mountain to shout your name, just whisper it into your ears so that my heart tells you how much I love you.”

“Emotions with you are never forgotten, I miss you and I wish you to come back soon because when you’re not by my side it’s like I’m missing my life.”

“The lack that you do to me at this moment consumes me the energies, I feel incomplete to not be able to have the part that only you occupy in my life”.

“My beloved, accept that my love for you will never end because I will always be yours. I will love you all my life”.

“My love for you makes you never stop being in my thoughts, if I tell you that I love you it is because it really is what I feel for you.”

Love texts for lovers:

“Love seems to be so fragile but I feel strong in the face of the immensity of our love, many times I can’t control this crazy desire to love you.”

We know that you are very romantic and that is why you are looking for phrases like the ones you just read so that they touch the heart of your sweet half. See you soon.


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