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Romantic things for my love

You can be very much in love but not for that reason you feel in the ability to express your feelings as if you were a true poet, for this you need a little help.

In this website you will find some phrases that will allow you to take a look and maybe they will inspire you or if you want for your comfort you can share them with your partner as if they were the product of your own inspiration.

We are sure that you will be successful and your partner will not stop being surprised by such beautiful love dedications that you can send them on WhatsApp, through social networks, on a card or just whisper them in the ear of your loved one.

The best love things to dedicate:

“My Queen, there are times when I feel very disillusioned for reasons that have nothing to do with you and that is when I feel the need to be together because I know that your presence will be of great help to raise my mood. I love you my heaven for being so loving and understanding with me. ”

“My treasure, you know that my love for you is so great that I do not care about anything else than you and I feel proud that you are my girl. You seem incredible to me and I like that you also enjoy spending most of my time with me. ”

“My feelings of love for you do not stop and I realize that we are cultivating a relationship that seems to be very prosperous so I do not doubt that we will take a more important step to consolidate our love.”

“My life, with you I feel like those birds that sing every morning, no matter if it’s cold or hot because they never lose their joy and that’s how I feel with you because I keep losing my enthusiasm for this relationship I have with you and It gives me a lot of encouragement to have someone who is always my engine and my motive.”

“I knew you existed but I did not look for you before because I always trusted that destiny would be generous with me and you would appear before me at the right moment.

Now that I’ve found you, the only thing I can tell you is that I will not let you go from my side because you have me madly in love. ”

Beautiful little things of love for Whatsapp:

“You seem to me a very sweet woman, so good that you look like an angel that surely God sent to make my life straight and so that you become the ideal companion that I always wanted to have. I do not see the hours that we live together my love. ”

“My love, you know that I cannot always be with you as I would like, but I do not stop thinking about you and I swear that if it were up to me I would leave everything to run to see you.

I ask you to have a little patience and for your peace of mind I am sending you this message to tell you how much I love you. ”

“My love, before you appeared in my life I did not have the remotest idea of ​​what it is to be in love.

Now I realize that I only lived from illusions that vanished and with you everything is different so I know that this feeling that I carry deep inside me will never be extinguished. ”

“Love, there is nothing more pleasant than being with you so that we do not have any special plans. It is enough that we are alone to feel that we are the owners of the world. I love you, my heaven. ”

To dedicate something beautiful to your partner you do not need a special date, just enough that you have the inspiration and desire to dedicate something beautiful as the best romantic phrases you just read. Come back soon to download more free phrases.

Phrases for the boy you’re in love with

When a person falls in love, he has inside himself the most intense sensations that make him see that there was a before and after since he found love.

The happiness you have in being next to that person will teach you to distinguish what was in your past and that was forgotten because what matters now is the present you are living and the future in which you are not alone because you have a partner that gives you many reasons to be madly in love.

There are many ways to surprise your partner and one of them is showing you your skills as a poet and a confirmed romantic. We invite you to read and download the best love phrases for free.

Download beautiful love messages for cell phone:

“My life would lose all reason to be if after being with you one day you were no longer by my side. But I do not want to have negative thoughts because we are doing so well in our relationship that the last thing I could imagine is that you will stop loving me because it shows at the distance that we both die for each other. ”

“Today I did not have a good day but when I thought I could not be worse, you show up to take all my sorrows and give me the best phrases of encouragement to return the enthusiasm and joy of living. Thank you because my life is better with you. ”

“Not that I am delirious but when I have been told that when I sleep I pronounce your name and that I am so obsessed with you love that the only thing I want is that you never get away from my thoughts because I take you deep inside me . ”

“I am a very uncommunicative person, I try to give the best of myself, I avoid that you bother and I try to please you in everything because I know that this is how you like me to be otherwise you would not have noticed me and always I will do what you like in order to please you.”

“Love I know that as human beings we will always have some defect, but it is not to praise you but if you have a fault you can never correct it, I will continue to love you and try not to feel bad about it, what is worth is that we let’s love and accept as we are.”

Original love texts to fall in love with:

“Queen, your love is like a medicine that my heart needs a sick passion because only you can calm that lack of affection that I could only find in you when I met you and I realized that you would not be for me more than a simple friend I love you and we both need each other.”

“You are always with me when I need you the most, if I have a problem you shake my hand, if you sink me, you take me with all your fury regardless of whether you can also fall because you try to save me because of the great love you have for me.”

“There is nothing more beautiful to know that I am the only one who is able to shake your heart with so much emotion for me … I love you my King!”

“Since God put you on my way I realized that you and I have the same destiny and therefore I ask that we both follow the same course without thinking about stopping ever.”

“I do not doubt my feelings of love for you and I know you will never fail me. We both belong to the same world and our hearts are happy and proud that we are for each other. I love my heaven. ”

It would be very interesting if you dedicate these phrases to your girl and that she feels that your message is very special and romantic.


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