Here Top Phrases Of Love For Someone Who Is Away

Nice free phrases to say “I miss you, I need you”

When we get used to being up and down with the same person, and more if it is our love, our partner, to whom we tell and consult all our things, day by day; and we stop seeing it for different reasons, this is too complicated for us, whether inside or outside the country. In this way, we begin to feel the lack that makes us. That’s why we are leaving you, some good phrases for free, to say “I miss you, I need you”. Check them out, and choose the ones you like best!

Search for the best words of love I miss you, I really miss you:

“You have just left love and I already need you. So, when I turn at night to want to tell you something and find out that you are not by my side, you do not know how sad I am. Please come back soon”.

“Love you went far, but my love will reach you wherever you are because this feeling is stronger than everything. Besides, I can’t be without you, because I miss you so much; Even though you just left. I really don’t know how I will be able to live without you, all these days. I love you!”

“I love you and I need you, because I am so attached to you, and you to me, that if it had not been because you were forced to go on that trip; right now we would be happy, and laughing as always my love. But well, let’s try to think that we are together so that we don’t have to suffer so much. I miss you!”

“I know that this is not goodbye, and that we will soon hug and kiss each other again; But love I need you in every way. I hope time goes by quickly, so we can see each other again. ”

“I need you, love. Thus, two months have passed since you traveled, and you have not finished the project that your company commissioned you. Come on, honey, hurry up, I don’t know how to live without you, because I love you too much. ”

“I miss you all day, and at night, what to say. So, I miss you so much my life, I don’t know how I let you go. So much so, that sometimes I think, that we would have better said that you got sick, and so you would not have left. Please come back soon”.

“I love your voice, your look and everything you represent, my life. It is that I miss you so much my love, because since you left me alone, I feel that I am missing my other half, my complement, to be able to be happy. Come back soon. I’m waiting”.

“Nobody realizes the lack that you make love to me, because that, only I carry, within my heart, because I don’t know how to live without the man I love. That’s why I tell you, come back soon my love. ”

“The hours do not pass quickly, and I see that the clock does not walk. Thus, I only know that I am waiting for you, because without you my life has no meaning. Really, I really miss you. ”

“I would ask God not to let you go, but I know you have to do your job, because your love is the livelihood of our home. Take care of yourself, and soon my sky returns. ”

“Without you nothing makes sense. So, I miss you too much, both day and night; well, since you left, I feel as if half of my heart had been torn from me. I love you!”

It is always good to communicate to people what happens to us, so that they can know what they should do. Come back soon, through our website, for more free phrases, of different models and types! Until next time!

Find beautiful love phrases to send to my boyfriend

We have discovered a little secret with respect to men, and this is, that they like us to dedicate love phrases to them, as much as we do. Is that if we start thinking, who does not like to hear some sweet words of love from our girlfriend. In addition, we consider that it depends on the two parties, maintaining the romanticism of the couple. Innovate and dedicate to your beloved some beautiful free phrases of love, which come from deep within your heart. If you have trouble finding the words, here are some examples.

Download the best words to tell my love that I love him immensely:

“When you hug me I feel that nothing bad can happen to me. And it is that you make me feel so happy and protected, that I don’t want to detach myself from you for a moment. I love you my love, thank you for taking care of me and making me feel unique. ”

“When I no longer believed in love and felt that my heart was useless, you appeared, and you broke all the schemes that were in my mind. You taught me that to love there is no certain time, and that you simply have to know how to recognize what real love is. In you I have found something that I had not seen in any other person, and that is why I love you so much, and that I no longer want to know what life is without you. ”

“You are the best boyfriend in the world, you are a very good person, sweet, sincere and also handsome. Thank you for entering my life, and teaching me what love is? I feel like my life started when I met you. I shudder when you hold my hand, and my breath is broken when you say I love you. ”

“The first time I saw you, I didn’t know how to react, because it was love at first sight. I wanted to approach to talk to you, but I was very ashamed. Luckily you realized that, from the outset, I was already dying for you, and you approached me, and you proposed me to walk home together. From that day I want to walk with you every day, and share all the things of my life with you. I love you my love”.

“There is no purer love than what I feel in my heart towards you. You have overcome any yearning or dream, which I may have had in the past. You are better than a dream. I want to sleep every night curled up in your chest, and wake up listening to your breathing. I love you with all my strength”.

“Love must be recognized by an old friend, what I never imagined is that recognizing it would be so easy. Well, from the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the love of my life. I love you my king, I promise you to spend the rest of our lives, loving you with all my strength. ”

“If I had to choose the happiest moment of my life, it would be every moment that I spend with you. It is that you complete me and make me happy as I never thought I could be. Thank you my love, for entering my life, and filling my soul with happiness. ”

“I give you my heart so that you value it and take care of it. Be very careful with him, since he is very fragile, but if you know how to try, he will make you the happy man in the world. I love you my love”.

We hope you enjoyed these romantic and free phrases for your boyfriend. Choose the one you like best, and let him know how happy you are to have it in your life. Check back soon for more free phrases! We will wait for you!

Nice phrases of love for someone who is far away

How difficult it usually is when that special person must get away from us, either for a trip or for a simple summer walk with his family.

One does not stop thinking about him / her and is saddened at every moment by not being able to see his tender face; but you can still make your day happy and remember that you have someone waiting for you.

In this section of the web we have created beautiful messages to dedicate to a love that is far away. Do not hesitate to copy the ones you want and send them with all your love.

– “If a love test you want to have on my part, well here it goes, love of my life. Through the distance, I’m still yours. I love you and I will always love you, that won’t change. ” 

– “I look at the moon from here and it makes me feel hopeful that you also see it from there. And then our dreams come together and a sea of ​​infinite love becomes. I love you my love. I will wait for you until the last day. ”

– “I waited so long to be able to hug and kiss you. Today that you are far away I feel that I will not be able to endure another minute. I love you till the end”.

– “Even if we are in different places, I can feel you close, because when you carry who you love in your heart, nothing else is needed. I love you forever”.

– “For flying to you tonight, I would give everything I have, for just hugging you and being able to see you for a brief moment. The love I feel for you breaks all barriers, I love you, my beloved sweetheart. ”

– “I know it will take a long time for us to be together again; From now on my life falls apart knowing that I will have to wait so long to see you. Even so, the flame of my love will never go out. ”

– “Although the distance separates us physically today, there will be nothing that can separate our souls, because my life and my heart are yours forever, my love. I love you”.

You know, a detail like that will always be welcomed by the loved one, because you should not doubt that he/she must miss you too. That distance is not an impediment to continue demonstrating your love and affection. Do not allow the relationship to cool, send a nice message that reminds you how much you love him, that way he will know that there is no one else.

Come back soon on the web, we have many beautiful messages for you, phrases for a love, for a friend, for a very dear family member who hopes to see you soon, and much more. We will wait for you!


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