Greetings and birthday messages for a husband

Phrases for my husband on his birthday

Coexistence in love can be the most extraordinary experience of a couple. When harmony, trust and affection reigns, spouses learn from each other.
It is so tender to see the dedication and total dedication that there is in a couple of spouses and to notice that over the years the happiness between them is maintained.
When it comes to celebrating a special date like an anniversary or a birthday the couple joins more. On this occasion we have prepared some beautiful phrases for a husband’s birthday.

Share the following unforgettable phrases for my husband on his birthday and continue to reinforce their beautiful relationship.

Cards with birthday greetings for my husband:

“I will never regret having chosen you as the person I always wanted to be my partner, my husband.

I am sure of it and I will continue it until the end of my days. I feel like a woman made by your side. Now that you are on birthday, I must thank God and your parents who brought you into the world, a day like today.

Happy day my husband. I love you so.”

“I am very happy to be your wife and the right person to organize a beautiful celebration for your birthday, love.

I love you, you are the ideal man and I decided to join you to form a nice family. I am happy to dedicate my life and my best years.

I am preparing this birthday party with great enthusiasm because I want it to be unforgettable. Happy Birthday love.”

“I will always give thanks to the heavenly Father for having given me the joy of finding a husband as wonderful as you.

You seemed like an exceptional man, fighter, loving since I saw you. You are the best husband and the best Father for our children.

I wish you a happy birthday and may God always bless your steps and allow you to enjoy good health. I love you very much, my love, enjoy your special day in the company of all those who love you. ”

“Love, today is your birthday and I want to give you a big hug and a huge kiss. You are the most wonderful husband that life could give me.

I feel a complete woman by your side, the happiest moments of my life I am living with you. Thank you for being part of my life and for loving me more and more.

Get ready, because today will be a birthday that you will always remember. You will see. Congratulations my love.”

“I have always been fascinated by the birthdays of the people I love, but I like them more when it comes to celebrating the birthday of the person I love the most in my life.

That’s you, my husband. Thank you for deciding to share your existence with me. You are always in my heart and I will do whatever it takes to make us a happy and lasting marriage. Have an excellent day. I love you. ”

Birthday texts to send to my husband by Whatsapp:

“Today you are celebrating one more year of life, love, but for me the years do not pass by your side.

You are the same attractive man that I fell in love with from the first moment and I am sure you will be that beautiful person who will shoot me every day.

It was impossible not to fall in love with you. Happy day love, I want to make this day an unforgettable birthday. ”

“Thank you, love, for existing. I will always be your faithful wife and I will never neglect our married life. Every day I will make you a happy person.

I am excited to know that at home we have a beautiful family union. Here you will always have my love and dedication; I will be your friend, your mother, your sister, your wife, your lover. Happy day baby.”

Take advantage of your husband’s birthday to make him happy and make him have the best day of the year. That is real love.

Share with your husband these unforgettable phrases for my husband on his birthday and may the happiness be long and lasting. Blessings to all.

Birthday greetings for my boyfriend who is traveling

It is very sad that a date as important as the birthday of your partner and one cannot be at your side. If it is for insurmountable reasons we have no choice but to accept reality, fate decided so, but we will remind you more than ever today that it is your birthday.

I know that this distance will help our relationship, in me I do not change anything to you, and I love you every day more.

Dedications of birthdays for my partner who is traveling:

“You are traveling, my king, but this is not an impediment to stop thinking about you, today more than ever, it’s your birthday. My heart is with you, loving you, hugging you and my lips kissing yours.

I miss you so much, my heaven, and I already wish with all my soul to see you. Even if you are without my presence I hope you can have a nice birthday.

Happy day, my life, I send you all my positive energies and best wishes. ”

“Even though you are far from me today, I will not let you spend this day as if it were a normal day of the week, no. Today is your birthday and I send you my congratulations.

Love of my heart, that you spend a happy birthday, remember that you are my great motor. I hope you can come back soon. Love you very much.”

“You are far from me today, which is your birthday but that does not stop me from wishing you the best, I send you a strong open and many kisses my love !!!”

:”Love, do not worry. Today is your birthday and you are far away, but you must celebrate anyway. Go out, and rejoice. Think that it is not long before you return and that at your return we will be able to plan something nice with our friends.

I only ask you to be patient and I promise that I will prepare a special reception for you when you return. Your party will be apotheosis. I love you so much, happy birthday. ”

“My love, happy birthday to you that you are always blessed and that all your dreams come true me love you!”

Tender birthday messages for my boyfriend:

“My heart, distance cannot separate us, even more will unite us in one heart to tell you to the four winds that I love you, and wish you a wonderful birthday!!!”

“My love, even if you are far away, I want to wish you the best for you on your birthday, but the main thing is that you know that I love you! . ”

The effervescent love you feel for your partner will not be overshadowed by distance. Love will be a source of inspiration for you two, surely that’s the way it is.
Share these excited birthday phrases for my traveling partner. Dream that you will return soon and you will see that little by little the dream comes true.


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