Fabulous phrases for a love that left

It happens on many occasions that our great love must go to a distant place, sometimes for a long period, and sometimes for a little. You are never sure, the truth is that during that period, you begin to remember all the moments lived, and it is a bit sad to think that you are no longer with us.

On this occasion, we leave you a few sentences that you can send to that unforgettable love that is far away. Take what you want and dedicate them to that person whom you miss so much. Check out.

Free list of phrases for a love that left:

– “I don’t get tired of waiting for the day you come back to me, because something tells me that you have not left forever, and I can’t live without you. I love you and I’ll love you forever”.

– “It is not wrong that you call me or write me a message to know that you are well, to know that you are pending … I hope you have not forgotten me, love.”

– “You were what I loved most in the world, but I don’t know if you will come back, and time goes by without me hearing from you. Time will be responsible for erasing my memories of love. ”

– “If you knew that I dream of you, if you knew that at night I cannot sleep because I do nothing but think about you, you would surely return to meet me. I love you, and this love will be forever. ”

– “As much as you have left, you will always be in my mind, because forgetting you is something that I cannot, you will always be in my life. Understand that I still love you. ”

– “When I fell in love with you, I never thought that the day would come when you would leave because I always wanted to have a future with you, today I think that will be impossible”.

– “I always tried to fix everything and still you left, you left me and broken into a thousand pieces you left me. I will never fall in love again because your memory within me will endure. ”

– “My life is you, my love, my sweet torment, but now it seems that nothing matters to you and I am left alone in a sea of ​​tears. Always love You”.

– “Why did life put you by my side if afterwards, I was going to make you move away, it makes no sense and I only ask myself how much I really lost.”

A phrase that tells you how much you miss his presence will always be welcome and will make you think more about yourself. Remember that it is very nice to be able to read a message from someone who cares about us, about a love that you do not forget, is when communication is maintained that you can have a stable relationship without distrust.

Send a love message daily to that person who misses you so much and who you can’t wait to see again. Find on our page messages of love and friendship for all occasions. They are all free.


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