Extraordinary Romantic phrases for your partner

Excellent love phrases for the person you love

Love is beautiful, the most beautiful in the universe. It is the most beautiful feeling you can have towards another person. That feeling will make them both always together, and it depends on them forever.

And of course, like everything in our life, today, love is also linked to technology; in the past there were love letters, to give way to text messages through cell phones.

He/she who loves his partner will never stop expressing his love, either by letters or by SMS. Then we leave some short messages of love that you can send by SMS, which is the fastest way to communicate today. Take a look and take the phrases you like best.

Free list of love phrases for the person you love:

– “My dear, today I felt the great need to tell you that I love you, that I will always be with you and that you can count on me for anything. I just love you”.

– “Knowing you gave birth to my life, and I would never charge you for anything, you are and will be the only special person for me, and I will give you all the happiness you deserve. I love you”

– “My love, having you by my side seems like a dream from which I would never wake up. If so, that while I sleep I die to always live in the world in which you are, professing joys and loving us for all eternity. ”

– “That is not something that is said at random, and that is why I am telling you today that I love you, because my feelings are sincere and I know that I will love you for a lifetime, so at some point you decide to move away from me, my God not want it to happen. I love you”.

– “My life, you are part of me, you compliment me, and I can’t stand the idea of ​​living in a world without you, I promise to love you forever, and I trust you will never leave me, for I will always give you all the love of the world ”

– “Hurting you would go against my principles, and it would be masochism because you are part of me and I of you. To hurt you would be to hurt myself, remember that I will always be with you. I love you sincerely, trust me, my darling. ” 

– “Throughout my life, I dreamed of this happy ending, you and me at the edge of the universe. And finally, I could do it by meeting you and kissing you for the first time. I promise that I will never, never separate from you. ”

– “If fate separates us and sends us away from each other, rest assured that it would fill me with sadness. I love you forever, my darling. My soul is all yours. ”

– “Every piano music reminds me of you, to think about your eyes and your laughter. That you’re with me is the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. And just as I love music, I love you, and I always will. ”

There are so many words that you can tell the person you love, to make them happy, because love is not just an illusion, love goes beyond all simple crush or desire. If the couple gives themselves real love, they will know how to reduce the problems that arise. Dedicate a special thought to the person you love by text message and you will see how happy you will feel. Check back soon for more messages for your cell phone!


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