Excellent Texts For Wedding Anniversary

Beautiful phrases for the anniversary of lovers

The amount of time they have shared a couple can be the testimony of the type of love they are experiencing. The relationships that last occur because the two who participate have the security of their feelings and also know that they have found the right person. In their effort to make the fire of love stay lit many couples make the decision to give a romantic detail to their relationship.

In some cases they choose to take their partner to a night out full of romance, others surprise with a serenade in the middle of the night and others choose to give away objects that have a meaning full of love. Is one more anniversary coming with your partner and you can’t find the words you want to say? In this report, we show you some romantic prayers for the wedding anniversary. Send one of these sentences as a text message to your better half or your friends who are celebrating one more anniversary.

Free list of phrases by wedding anniversary:

– “I consider myself the luckiest man because I love a person, on this day we celebrate another month together and I have a feeling of great happiness because I see that ours is possible”

– “It’s been two months since our departures began and everything that happens to us every time is better, I want to continue by your side and step by step discovering what fate holds for us”

– “It seems that three minutes have passed and three months have passed, is that when you share beautiful moments with the loved one, time goes by like water in your hands”

– “On a day like today we begin our love relationship and that makes me very happy, I love you and I know that for you I could achieve anything in this world”

– “My love, happy anniversary, we are already together for five months and if everything continues to happen that well with us we will be checking that everything that unites us is not a joke, it is authentic love”

– “I want to think that the number seven is the one of good fortune because it is precisely the number of months we have sharing our love, for me it is also luck because I have authentic love by your side”

– “I feel a special energy in my body when we are together and it causes me a lot of happiness, eight months ago I have the same feeling and until today I still feel very happy about it, this is love” 

– “When I didn’t know you, I thought that romance situations only happened in the movies, however, since we shared our love, I delight in your kisses sitting on a park bench or under a tree and I’m happy.”

– “My heart has been convinced to love again only through you, it’s been nine months together and I wish that we fulfill many more -”

– “We have a year together and I am happy to realize that our love is stronger today than yesterday, I love you and I know it will be for many more years”

– “On this day we celebrate another month of our love and I have the feeling of being the luckiest man in the world because having you by my side I find meaning to everything, I love you”

We wish that these romantic prayers for the anniversary of the bride and groom are useful to express all the happiness you have inside for the entire time that your soulmate and you have lived.


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