Excellent phrases I still miss you

Beautiful phrases of I still miss you

In life we ​​are sometimes sharing the same path and then she distances us herself. At the moment we share with the beloved people we are happy to live beautiful moments but when life distances us we feel a slight sadness for the remoteness. In this world, no person has a guaranteed life and therefore at any time a friend, a relative or a love can distance himself from us.

In some cases a new opportunity is sought, in others, it is to start a new life and others simply want to reside in a different place. Do you miss someone and want to express your feelings? Then here you will find something that may be useful to you. In this report, we will show you some texts about missing.

Have your Facebook status updated with one of these texts or send them as a text message to the people you miss. If you do you will feel much better.

Free list of phrases I still miss you:

– “I had the idea that when time went by I would stop remembering you but I notice that it is very fast yet, do not be distressed, I make you the promise that I will keep it”

– “I have suffered so much from the day you left my life, my thoughts are on you every second and I am listing the days waiting for your return, I miss you very much”

– “I am sure that fate will put us facing each other at some point but until that moment I can only keep you in mind and miss you”

– “What I miss most about you is your smile so big that it gave my days joy, I want you to have a good time”

– “I had never liked to walk but with you I could continue walking for a long time and it was not annoying for me, you do not know what I would give to be able to walk again by your side, I miss you”

– “The goodbye I said was supposed to be forever and today I’m sorry because I miss looking at your beautiful eyes looking at me” 

– “It is not important if it is good or bad but I think there is nothing that can eliminate you from my thoughts or extract from my heart, I miss you very much”

– “With you by my side, I had a lot of happiness and today that you are far away I feel that my life is missing something important, I miss you so much, my love”

– “Whenever I remember those days in which without worry we played games I have a huge nostalgia, I wish that at some point we will be together again”

– “As I miss feeling your voice saying my name, since you’re not here is nothing like before, only my thoughts are directed at you”


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