Birthday texts for a friend

Do you want to greet a friend for his birthday? 
When a friend turns years old, we are not full of joy and we want to celebrate with him that special date.

If you are fortunate to be near him, do not forget to go visit him and prepare a nice detail; if they are distant from life’s hazards, you can send one of the following birthday dedications through a message. The important thing is that you make him feel how special it is for you.

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“Today I want to dedicate some beautiful words to the best friend that exists over the entire universe, you.

Your heart is golden, and your soul is that of an angel. I love you so much and I wish for you all the blessings of God. Happy birthday! ”

“My good dear friend, happy birthday! I hope you have not thought, not for a single moment, that I would forget about this important date because that will never happen.

May life keep you smiling and making you smile? ”

“You deserve the best of the best because you are a friend who never fails, a company always pleasant and unconditional support. Congratulations on your day!”

“Congratulations! Today is your birthday and we are going to celebrate it with all the possible pomp because it is the minimum you deserve for being so wonderful.

I would wrap the whole Earth as a gift, you’re the best. ”

“With all my heart, today I greet you and wish you many smiles, many joys, many triumphs and many lessons in this life. Happy birthday, my soul-friend! ”

“Life blessed me by giving me a friend like you, and today I want to thank you by celebrating you in the best way possible.

I hope you enjoy all the surprises that I have prepared for you today. Happy birthday! ”

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“Thank you for being the best friend I could have. Without you, I would never have known the true meaning of the word friendship.

I love you and I hope that in your life you always achieve what you set out to you. Happy Birthday! ”

“Dear friend, happy birthday! Sorry, I can’t be by your side this time, it hurts a lot to miss your party but I promise you that I will be back on a trip soon and then we will celebrate everything to give. Have fun! ”

“Today is a very important day because a friend whom I love as a brother turns twelve months of life.

I ask God to always take care of you and not stop lighting your way. Congratulations on your birthday! ”

“My old friend, I will not be able to be with you today to give you the strong birthday hug you deserve, but close your eyes that I will send you one from a distance and I want you to feel it as soon as you read this message. Congratulations!”

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“Spending life with you is priceless, I don’t have great material wealth, but I know that I am the luckiest person in the world to have the most valuable friend with me.

May God never stop blessing you? Happy Birthday! ”

“Never forget that I love you very much, and that is why I could never let this day go by without preparing something very special for you. Happy birthday! I want to get home to give you a big hug. ”

“Happy Birthday! I have known you for so many years, my friend that I know that you will enjoy this cake a lot because it is your favorite flavor.

May a thousand blessings come into your life, my precious treasure? ”

Be sure to make your friend happy on his birthday with these beautiful dedications

Phrases to share 
with your friend in her onomastic

It is nice to have a friend of those who is unique and when they turn years we lack the words to wish them a happy birthday.

If you have a friend, enjoy with her company and happy moments like birthday, we leave you beautiful birthday phrases for a good friend.

Do not forget to send these beautiful cards with birthday greetings loaded with good vibes in your day.

The best cards with birthday greetings for a friend

“This day has finally arrived that, like you, everyone who loves you was waiting for you because we felt part of that inevitable joy on the day of your birthday.

It is good to see you happy and that our presence is part of this important date. ”

“Because we love you, be assured that all of us who are present and also those who could not come to greet you in person cross our fingers to make your birthday wishes come true.”

“You are a very special friend and I would say the best I have, thanks for your friendship and the support you give me, happy day, I love you very much.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time as a good friend you are and the experiences you share with me are the best lessons you can give me to prevent me from making mistakes. Happy birthday. ”

“Today is your birthday and even if your life is not perfect, do not stop celebrating it in the best possible way and do what causes you happiness. Many kisses and hugs, you are unique. ”

Send nice postcards with birthday greetings to my best friend

“Happy birthday my friend, have a nice day and not be an illusion but a reality all your desires.”

“If something you must be clear about is that every year you meet does not mean that life is shortening, you must be filled with many energies and vitality so that you never lack hopes of living. Happy birthday. ”

“Your birthday is a day of happiness for all of us who know and love you. I wish you many congratulations!!!”

“Today, those of us who know you will be by your side and we are not worried that you are the center of attention in order to see you happy, it will be up to each one that makes us happy when it comes to our birthday. Congratulations and have a great time, you deserve it. ”

“My friend I love you so much that for me your birthday is as important as mine and if I see you happy it gives me a lot of joy because it is the best way to celebrate the day of your birth. Congratulations”.

Send nice birthday cards to my friend

“I love you because you are a friend for whom I have a very special affection and I am grateful to share such a wonderful friendship. Happy day”.

“Happy birthday to rain many congratulations and blessings for you a big hug.”

“Friend, have a great time surrounded by the affection of your family and friends. May your birthday be the best? ”

“Little friend, because I wish you the best I will ask a lot for you so that your dreams come true much sooner than you expect. Congratulations on your birthday. ”

If you are grateful for the friendship you share with a certain person, it would be appropriate for you to dedicate some nice words for your birthday.


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