Birthday messages and greetings for a friend

Birthday messages and greetings 
for a friend

Do you want to send messages and birthday greetings to your best friend?

If you are lucky enough to have a good friend, you should be proud of the friendship they share and it is so important in your life to know that you have someone to whom you trust your secrets.

Your words of encouragement when you feel defeated or need an injection of optimism that only a soulmate who loves you and wants the best for you will not hesitate to give it to you from the heart.

The friendship goes way over the boundaries of fun and materialism so it is more spiritual to have a relationship of this nature that can never be replaced by another person with whom you do not keep the same affinity.

Here is a selection of birthday phrases for a good friend.

Send nice text for postcards with birthday greetings to my friend

“Friends like you few in life today on your birthday, I wish you many congratulations that you enjoy your day a big hug, kisses!”

“You are a fantastic person to whom I wish you many congratulations today on your birthday and forever, thanks for existing in my life, friend!”

“Dear friend, you don’t know the joy I feel from being able to accompany you on your birthday.”

“May God bless you and may you always be a prosperous person with good feelings. Happy day.”

“You are my best friend and I feel great affection for you. I wish you many congratulations and blessings on your day that all the dreams you have come true. Happy birthday. ”

Text for Original birthday cards for my friend

“Dear friend, I wish you endless congratulations in your life, because I want God to give you a lot of health and long life. A big hug and happy birthday. ”

“My friend, my appreciation for you is enormous and I will always wish for you that your plans are fulfilled and that you enjoy good health.

A virtual hug and I hope you share the photos of your party on Facebook. ”

“Friends are the brothers we learn to choose as we meet them. I wish you as always many congratulations in your life and have a happy birthday.”

“Enjoy enjoying another year of life surrounded by those you love most, you deserve the best you are a great person. Happy day.”

“May God fill you with blessings because you are a good son, brother and a great companion of joys and adventures? Happy day.”

A friend is someone who will always occupy a special place in your heart and that is why you can see them as if he were a brother of love and on his birthday you can dedicate some emotional birthday phrases like the ones you just read.

Nice phrases for a friend 
on his birthday 

On certain dates of the year we have friends who are celebrating years of lives and are close to us, far away, celebrate or not with us their day, it would be very original of us to express something special to get out of the routine of the classic “happy birthday”, That is why on this website we present a selection of new birthday greetings that you can download for free and dedicate them as if they were the fruit of your own inspiration.

To personalize them you can send them as a message on a virtual card or insert it in images alluding to this special date on which you want to make your good wishes felt for this very important day for the birthday boy.

Find nice texts birthday cards for my friend

“For a dear friend, my best wishes for happiness and prosperity on his birthday. Have a great time on your day!”

“Start another year of life for your friend fight for your dreams and goals, I wish you the best, I love you very much. Happy birthday!!!”

“May you keep them surrounded by a lot of love and thousands of good wishes from all of us who know you? Happy birthday, friend!”

“I hope this birthday is the beginning of a prosperous life cycle in which you can always count on my unconditional friendship. Many congratulations on your day!!!”

“Friend, as of today and you must thank God for being in good health and also count on my unconditional friendship. Happy birthday.”

Birthday greetings for my friend for Facebook

“I consider you a friend for life, many years can pass and we remain inseparable companions.

I appreciate you very much and I appreciate that friendly bond that I hope is unbreakable. A big hug for your birthday. ”

“Friend, I consider you as if you were a brother at heart. Congratulations for one more year of life and May God bless you. ”

“May you continue to be that good son, brother and friend that I am lucky to meet and wish you congratulations on your birthday.”

“May the blessing of God be with you in all your projects and when you want to return you will be well received by those who appreciate you and know what you are worth as a great human being? Happy birthday. ”

“Friend, you must always stay positive. I wish you many congratulations and blessings. A hug and again have a nice birthday. ”

Your birthday message should always be full of your good wishes and positive vibes that serve to spread a good mood to the birthday boy for the beginning of a new life cycle.


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