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Birthday greetings 
to my boyfriend

Brides are always very precise, because they love their partners so much that they do not stop offering expressions of love at all times, especially when important days like their birthdays arrive.

If you are one and you want your boyfriend to live the day of his birthday with much happiness, then you have to open your heart and dedicate the best thing that you have in it. Do you need some inspiration?

No problem, then you can find beautiful phrases that you can send to your soul mate on the day of his saint. Do not forget to take a look, they will help you, and your boyfriend will love it.

Cards with birthday dedications for my partner:

“I thank God for giving you one more year, sweetheart, and I also ask you to pour out an unlimited amount of blessings on you.

My beautiful, never stop dreaming, and do not be afraid to bring each one of those dreams to reality, because you will always have my unconditional support. Happy day! ”

“That the joy and excitement that you feel for fulfilling one more year does not last only these 24 hours, but all the year, because I want to see you smile and be enthusiastic in everything you do.

Today I prepared a sweet cake as sweet and delicious as you Happy Birthday, my king! “.

“My boyfriend, Happy Birthday! May the saints, the angels, the Virgin Mary and our beloved God take care of you and give you today a beautiful day that you will never forget.

I will also do my bit to make this date unforgettable. ”

“There are so many things I want to do for you and with you today that I do not think I have time, but I will do my best anyway because I want to show you how important you are in my life I love you, king of my Heart, never doubt it or forget it! ”

“I would be mad if I did not rejoice at the arrival of this day, my love, because on this day you were born, and if it were not for such an event, I would not be hopelessly in love today. Happy Birthday, my beloved!”

Good birthday wishes for my love:

“It’s good that God decided to send us to the world at the same time, otherwise our love would not have been possible.

I feel very blessed to have met you, so I hope this is one of the many birthdays that we are going to celebrate, sweetheart Happy Day! ”

“May the joy of this day remain in your being all your life and you can spread it to all those around you. You are a great person, of whom I am proud to be in love Happy Birthday, my heaven! ”

“It does not matter if a thousand candles do not come in this cake, I want us to come together the day you have to blow that amount.

I love madly the wonderful person you are. Never change Happy Birthday, my cute chubby! “

“Not even being the most millionaire woman on Earth could I buy you the gift that you deserve, my love, because your noble soul and your great heart deserve the whole universe? Happy Birthday, my beloved boyfriend!”

“Today I am more convinced than ever of wanting to be your wife because there is not a single day when you do not show me that you are the ideal man for me.

May God continue to give you many more years of life to be able to have the opportunity to make you happy in each one of them? I love you! ”

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Nice birthday messages for my partner

You always celebrate with joy the birthday of a loved one, and with much more enthusiasm if it is someone as special as a couple, right?

You do not have to look for the most expensive present in the store, because if your soul mate loves you, what they want from you are not material things, but spiritual ones.

For this reason, if the name of the person who reigns in your heart approaches, give him a surprise by dedicating some nice messages like these. We hope you like them.

Cute and affectionate birthday greetings for my boyfriend:

“Your birthday is always the most awaited date among all the festivities of the year. Do you know why? Well, because on this day I can express to you, without limits, all the love I feel for you. Congratulations for your name day! “.

“Happy Birthday! Your voice is so beautiful that today I brought some mariachis to join you and me and sing all night in your honor, princess of my soul.

Open that little window, my beloved, just as you opened the doors of your heart, and receive my song full of love for you. ”

“My beloved man is on birthday today, so this day I will not be available to anyone. I’m going to turn off my phone and escape with you to where we can enjoy just you and me on this blessed day. Congratulations, treasure! ”

“Forgive the delay, it’s not that I forgot what we celebrate today, it’s just that I wanted to finish with the last preparations for the surprise I have for you, my beautiful wife Happy Birthday, enjoy it!”

“Although the cake is full of candles, for me you are still the beautiful woman I met years ago. Let me tell you that this morning, when I woke up and saw you by my side, I felt like the luckiest man in the world, because time has passed and you continue to fall in love with your beautiful being. Happy Birthday, my wife! “.

My best birthday wishes for my boyfriend:

“There is not a single day when I do not feel that I love you more and more and more. Today I only have one wish in my heart, and I’m going to do everything to turn it into reality. Do you want to know what it is? See you happy more than cannot Long live your birthday, my chubby! “.

“How can I celebrate the most wonderful man’s birthday on the entire Earth? I ask it because I consider that even the biggest and funniest party of all would not be enough, you deserve it and much more I love you! “.

“You are an extraordinary person, so you deserve to make you spend the most unforgettable day of all today on your birthday.

My love, the gift I have for you does not compare with the beautiful gift you give me every day, your company Congratulations for your name day! “.

“I assure you that you do not know anything about happiness yet, because today I will take care of elevating that concept to the highest level, giving you the happiest day of all. Happy Birthday, man of my life!”

“May the successes and satisfactions always surround you, my love? You deserve them because you are a great person where you look. I love you very much and do not doubt that I love you too, and that I would do anything for you. Happy Birthday! “.

Birthday greetings for my boyfriend:

“The prettiest bride of all has the right to ask for all possible wishes when she blows the candles. I love you, precious, and I wish that everything you wish will be fulfilled very soon Happy Birthday! “.

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