Birthday greetings for a sister

Birthday phrases for a sister

The sisters are the best friends we can have. With much affection and emotion we have to give ourselves to them. They are women who only give us love and that feeling makes us feel good.

Her love is like that of a Mother, but with the advantage that she is an accomplice of adventures. Although we sometimes argue, it does not mean that they do not remain good sisters.

On this occasion we have prepared a list of birthday phrases so that you can dedicate them with all affection to that sister who is celebrating one more year of life today. Share with them these unique birthday phrases to brighten a sister’s day.

Cards with birthday greetings for a sister:

“Since I knew you were coming and were staying in Mama’s womb, I felt immense joy. Sister, I noticed that you would be my great company and I loved you before I met you.

Your arrival changed my life. Since then you have always been an important part of my existence.

I want you to have a happy birthday today, little sister, and I am glad that you celebrate your day with the most beloved ones. We want everything good to happen in your life. Happy day.”

“Today you are on birthday, sister, and although I will not be able to accompany you I want you to know that from where I am, I miss you so much, more so today than you are celebrating.

Mentally I will be by your side making forces for you to have a nice day. I love you so much little sister. ”

“We have our differences, sister, but that is normal. They do not change my feelings for you at all, and I love you, you know.

Because my sisterly love will always remain intact. If someday you have to leave and start your own home I will not stop loving you and will support you in all the decisions you make in your life. Happy birthday, cute little sister. You are the best of all.”

“On this day I take this opportunity to thank you, sister, because by your side I have spent the best moments of my childhood.

We have shared so much and we were really happy and fortunate to grow up in such a united home. The love of our Fathers was so wonderful that it always enlightened us. I wish you a happy birthday, little sister. So be sure.”

“I keep remembering my childhood without seeing you by my side, sister. We have shared everything and that excites me. From girls we were taught to take care of ourselves, love each other and share everything we had. Now as adults we continue to support and we know that we can count on each other.

I wish you a happy birthday, little sister of my life and my heart, I hope the world continues to be good to us. ”

Affectionate birthday messages for my sister:

“I am very lucky to have a sister as good as you, beautiful, who has treated me with love and respect.

I feel for you a great love and gratitude for all the affection that you have always shown towards me. I wish you a happy birthday, sister. I hope you enjoy this day. ”

“Nothing is more beautiful than having a fantastic sister. You are my best friend and we have shared so much together.

I consider you a friend, because I am lucky that you are not only my roommate, you are also a great person and for you I would put my hands to the fire.

You mean a lot to me and you are my role model. Happy birthday, dear sister. ”

We are sure that a sister will be thrilled to read these birthday phrases that we have prepared with great affection.

Share unique birthday phrases to brighten a sister’s day and let this special moment fill with much more happiness.

Phrases for my beloved brother who is on birthday

In every family is celebrated the arrival of the birthday of one of its members, especially if they are children. Not only will it be a reason to entertain the birthday boy, it is also a reason to remember important passages of his life, most of which are fun to celebrate the reunion.

Seeing how little by little it is growing and becoming a being that shines with its own light is a classic that must not be missed.

In this opportunity we will present you with a selection of cute birthday phrases so that you can give them to that person of your same blood that is important in your life.

Share these phrases for my beloved brother who is on birthday and that the happiness of a family name happy to the whole family.

Very nice dedications of a happy birthday for a sister:

“It seems like it was yesterday when you were still a little boy at the breast, and now you have become a man, made and right, that is even forging a path in life.

I congratulate you brother of my heart. Keep it up, always, and you’ll get very far. Happy Birthday!”

“This year we add one more candle to your birthday cake, little brother, because even if you are the youngest of all you already have your years. Do not forget to make a wish.

You already know that everyone here wants you and wishes you the best. We will unite in a single thought so that your wishes come true.

Happy birthday, little brother, and May happiness be your faithful companion! ”

“Even if you’ve grown up, I’ll see you as the little brother I’ve always cared for and protected. That’s how I see you, I cannot help it.

Since you were in diapers I took care of you and you seemed so tender. Thank you for being my partner and for all the happy moments we have spent together.

Sure brother we will continue enjoying life. Best wishes on your birthday! ”

“I thank Papa and Mama because they gave me a great brother as a partner. His birth was a gift from God.

To you, brother, I wish you every year to fulfill a new dream and never stop dreaming. You know how to live life and that excites me.

I hope you are very happy, dear brother of my heart. Congratulations on this day of your birthday. Have fun. ”

“Today you are celebrating one more year of life, my brother, I wish you with soul that you have a nice moment that you feel very dear to all the members of this family that adores you.

Happy birthday, brother, and May success continue to be on your side! ”

My best wishes for a sister’s birthday:

“This day is very special dear brother because you are celebrating your birthday, and we are going to celebrate it as you deserve, with a great party and a lot of love.

What happiness that you will fulfill one more year by making life happy to all the members of this blessed home. Happiness for you, and May the happiness of this moment last us forever. Happy Birthday.”

“May God bless you on this day, little brother? That life gives you the opportunities that are needed for you to achieve your dreams.

One more year has passed and I always pray that you remain the good person you are, and I hope you stay on the right path. Congratulations!”

“On this special day I cannot help but feel happy for you, dear brother. Receive a greeting from me and I hope you like the gift I bring you. Have a nice day … I know it will be! ”

“I wish with all my soul that this is a beautiful day for you, brother, that you receive many gifts, greetings, surprises and that you feel the love of all those who love you.

Happy birthday, brother … only the best men like you deserve to have such a happy day. ”

We hope that these birthday phrases for your brother serve as an example and start the joy that could be asleep in him.

Share these phrases for my beloved brother who is celebrating his birthday and celebrate that the happiness of a home is being celebrated.


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