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Birthday texts
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Do you want to send nice birthday greetings to your partner?

The goal of forming a family is to live happily and for this you need a complement that is usually the engine and motive that fills with enthusiasm and allows both to be a harmonious and dignified life thanks to the joint effort to move everyone forward. Its members

We present below some examples of birthday greetings for a husband and we do not doubt that you will find in what comes next the perfect phrase that you were looking for to congratulate your partner for his onomastic.

Tender birthday greetings for my love

“Happy Birthday my life, you are the person I adore and I want you to receive all the happiness of the love world on this special day!!!”

“May God defeat me many blessings, my love, I wish you a fantastic day. Happy birthday. ”

“I wish you a world full of happiness heart, rain on many blessings always, I love you. Happy day!!!”

“Those of us who know you are lucky enough to share your love and effort to be a person with values ​​that will always be worthy of all the best in your life. Happy birthday. ”

“Sharing the best years of my life by your side is something I will never regret because you fill every space of my existence with love.”

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“Happy birthday and thanks because so much happiness to live by your side is as if I was making my dream come true when I felt fulfilled as a woman and Mother.”

“That every year of life, being by your side is an inevitable gift. Happy birthday. ”

“Not only for your birthday will I wish you a very happy day, every day of your existence I will always ask God for you.”

“May health be with you, love, so that it allows you to have a long life and that you are always the cause of my sighs and the reality of my dreams.”

“May God bless you for being a wonderful Father, brother, husband and friend for your birthday? Happy day, my love. ”

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“I love that you are such a good and affectionate man with me and your parents that is why God blesses you in everything you set your mind to. Happy birthday. ”

“Thank you for always putting me in my hands to attend you and as a king and me love to relieve your tiredness when you are exhausted. Happy birthday, little husband. ”

“Today is your birthday and this day in which I dedicate it to thank God who has blessed me with a great love like yours.”

“I love you and we both dedicate ourselves in body and soul to give the best to our family, which is the most sacred thing we have and our love always keeps us together. Happy birthday. ”

Phrases with birthday images for my husband

“Happy birthday and count on me so that you never abandon the forces you need to progress.”

“Happy birthday sweetheart, today will not cease the greetings and expressions of affection you have earned for being a very dear person.”

“That each birthday we continue to celebrate together not only the years you meet but also your personal and professional achievements.”

We are sure that your husband will have a wonderful birthday if he is accompanied by your good wishes since you are the woman he loves most in this world as well as the rest of the family that joins in a single feeling of seeing him happy in his day.

Cards with birthday dedications
for a boyfriend

When a person is in love and is reciprocated in their feelings, joy and happiness is indisputable, and if special feast come even more as anniversaries and birthdays of the loved one.

For the date of his birthday, you surely want to dedicate a short, beautiful and special phrase like the ones in this article and that you can download completely for free.

Birthday greetings and phrases for my partner

“My little sugar cube, on your birthday I do nothing but pamper you and be by your side because it fills me with joy to see all the details you receive to make this day special and unforgettable. Happy birthday. ”

“Happy birthday to the person who occupies an important place in my life and always love. Have a wonderful day!!!”

“Love, you know that I love you in such a way that if necessary I would give my life for you in order to see you happy and I ask God to allow you to achieve all your desires.”

“Love, let’s celebrate your day in any way you like, I will know how to accommodate your taste and I will respect if you want to share this date surrounded by many people or alone both under the moonlight and the stars. I wish you a happy birthday”:

“Happy birthday to my better half, to the other half that I needed to complete my life that before you was sad and empty.

May luck and my love always be the reason for your daily joy. ”

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“My heaven that God allows you in this year of life to continue reaping the fruits of your work and the good actions you do so that you always return all the best in the different aspects of your existence.”

“Love that you are always mega happy, never forget that I always carry you inside my heart. Happy birthday. ”

“Happy birthday to the woman who has made my life by your side the most beautiful and sacred thing I have and always have that enthusiasm to fight to achieve all your goals.”

“My eyes only know how to appreciate the beauty of your soul and your face. Thank you for being my foothold and the woman I will always look proud by my side. Happy birthday. ”

Texts and birthday dedications for my husband

“You always tell me that no person I know is lucky to have a partner like you and you are absolutely right because more loved, respected and pampered as I do not exist two. Happy birthday love. ”

“My heaven, happy birthday and that we always remain together and in love so we become two old but happy old men of our love.”

“Love, I do not need to take oaths of fidelity so that you feel secure in my feelings. Let us live in the present, giving our best so that this feeling remains in the future. Happy birthday my queen. ”

“When we are celebrating your birthday I always see that you are surrounded by many people who esteem you and I feel very privileged that you awaken so many good feelings in others. Happy birthday my love. ”

” Happy birthday my love and may life allow us to continue sharing good and bad moments but may our love never divide or diminish this feeling so beautiful that we feel mutually.”

On the birthday of your partner, it will probably not be enough to give you a kiss, a hug and a present, you will also want to see how to express your feelings and in this article as well as on our website you will find the different ways to congratulate your loved one for your day.


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