Beautiful reconciliation phrases for couples

The best reconciliation phrases for couples

It is very sad to see how the relationship ends, especially when one of them or both are close to us and even more when we believe that both are still in love and we think that should not end that relationship.

Put words on the wall of Facebook or twitter so that they are encouraged to return, these comments can contribute so that he and/or she can reconsider what happened and think things better and can resume their relationship considering that it has a good future.

Lines below you can find a word relationship for couples to return. It is a good attempt on everything that goes with good intention so that they are encouraged to resume their relationship.

“It is sad to see how love is broken, especially when it is known that this love is true. One must fight until the end so that nothing causes this love to be damaged. ”

“Loving is not easy, this always takes part of the sacrifice, but in time when one loves, he realizes that what he stopped doing for the other, as long as he does not harm himself, it was worth it.”

“Love cannot be selfish and much less should not be spiteful, when one really loves to forgive the other if he made a mistake that may not merit ending that beautiful relationship.”

“If you see that he has already apologized for that mistake he made, go ahead and put aside so much pride and come back soon.”

“Everything that has been lived, nobody takes away from you, you think that apart you will forget so many beautiful moments. It is not worth keeping them apart, encourage me to know that they still love each other a lot. ”

“You tell me about her by your side and she tells me about you. Please come back that my head can’t take it anymore, I know you love each other but don’t tell me, talk to each other. ”

“If I didn’t know how much you love her, I wouldn’t try to touch your heart, think if it’s really worth it to end that relationship by a simple mistake. To love is to forgive. ”

“That lie was for fear of losing you, you just have to have a little more confidence so that your relationship continues to work well, and the good thing is that there is much love there. Luck.”

“In the moment of fury, many words that hurt and that in the end never wanted or should have said. But when there is love there is also understanding and forgiveness; the important thing is to change your attitude so that none is harmed. Restart your relationship and think that with love everything is possible. ”

“Taking time is a double-edged sword, you can lose true love on the road and then there is no going back, don’t be too sure that love is for you if not until you know it will always be yours, but for that, you must have him by your side.”

“Fight for that love that you know and feel is true, many times pride allows beautiful relationships like yours to be lost in time only by misunderstandings.”

Hopefully, these words so that the couples come back to rethink real loves that in time can become very happy.


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