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Very nice messages to surprise a woman

In love, there are no strict rules and each one forms his own way of conquering. There are those who are quite direct and others prefer to be subtle but the result will depend on the woman they try to fall in love with.
If you are looking for a way to surprise a woman, you do not need to buy expensive gifts, it will be enough for you to know what to say, be honest with her and when the time comes you tell her before someone else does.
Here we leave you good options that just by reading them you will love it, choose the one you like best.

Beautiful love texts for free that surprise your partner more every day:

“I know there is little time I can dedicate to you but I promise you that every minute by your side I will give you the best of me. I look forward to the day when we can be together for much of the day because then I will dedicate myself to making you the happiest woman. I love you!”

“Loving you has been something unexpected but full of joy my being. You may think that I am being somewhat exaggerated, however, you are the main cause of the smile that is drawn on my face every time I see you. ”

“God works miracles and just seeing you I know that you are the one I asked for. I wanted a good and sincere woman, I think she listened attentively and at that moment you came to me. ”

“I think women as beautiful as you are a treasure worth admiring. I declare myself a fan of your charm and I will follow you by land, air, and sea”.

“I know you will be surprised by my daring and I ask you not to be scared because I am not going to hurt you. It’s just that I’ve fallen in love with your beauty and the sweetness you radiate when walking. You are like an angel!”

“Telling you that I love you is little, you are the perfect woman for me. I promise to be faithful, to be the man who inspires you and I would strive every day to make you happy. Just tell me yes! ”

“I miss you even if there are few minutes I have stopped seeing you, I hope you realize that with you I would like to spend all eternity. I will strive to be at your height and when I can offer you what you deserve I will not hesitate a moment to take you white to the altar. I love you!”

“I feel fortunate to have met you and I will strive to show you that love between us can surface. The chemistry we have is fantastic, I just need you to overcome your shyness and the ghosts of your past, and I’m going to help you. I will have patience, you’ll see! ”

“Who would have thought that after going around the world I would find love here? You are the first person who without any warning has stolen my heart. I adore you!”

“I enjoy every moment by your side and I laugh like crazy, it’s hard to explain. If this is not the love of the good, I do not know what to call it but I will do my best to show you that we are the ideal partner”

“I will fill your days with beautiful details, I will whisper in your ear the sweetest words of love. I will do everything you ask me to be with you because I know you are my destiny, the owner of my heart. Let me prove it to you! ”

“I feel that I owe you a favor and I want to reward you, although you don’t seem to know the reason. From the day I saw you my heart was filled with indescribable joy and the doctor has told me that it is a severe case of love. Thank you for existing!”

“I am a very simple man and I want to express my feelings to you with all honesty. You are a woman like few others and I like each one of your details, your hobbies, the defects and virtues that fit you perfectly and have captivated me. I love you!”

Impress that girl the right way by getting the firm to her heart. These phrases will steal more than one smile and get your attention.

Original phrases for the man I love

If you love, you surely want to show it in one and a thousand ways to the person who has your heart through words, actions, caresses.

And is that love also feeds on those small details, those unexpected words of love because love is lived every day, do not have to wait a special day to surprise your love with a detail that makes him sigh.

That is why we leave you these original phrases for the man I love that you can use and dedicate to that special man who makes your days unique, that with his love makes you happy.

Search for free messages that make your partner fall more in love:

“I have fallen in love many times but this is the first time I really love. And it is impossible for me not to love you, with your form always so gallant, always taking care of me, always having details that make me happy. Thanks for being the way you are”.

“A love like ours was born to be eternal and could not be otherwise, you and I are two sides of the same coin. So different and at the same time, we complement each other like milk and chocolate. I love you, never change. ”

“I am increasingly convinced that our destiny is to be together. And there is nothing that makes me happier than your presence, than your laugh; you are the one who inspires my dreams and fills me with joy. I love you, my love”.

“Receiving a message or a call from you can brighten my day, it can take away my stress and sadness. And is that knowing about you reminds me that there are many things in my life for which I must be grateful, and I feel very grateful for your love. ”

“When you hug me and give me those kisses that shake my soul, I thank God for having you in my life. Your love has filled my heart with illusion, hope, emotion and all that love that only you can give me. I love you, my prince, and thank you for existing. ”

“I keep your love letters as an invaluable treasure, all those words you dedicated to me, all those promises, those“ I love you ”that I like to read and reread every time I miss you are proof of this great love that unites us. Love, I hope nothing takes you from my side. ”

“Our paths crossed to create a love story, which even if it is like the others, is special. Because when I see myself reflected in your eyes, when I am in your arms I feel that I belong to your side that this love although it resembles others, was born to be special. I love you”.

“I would like to see what the future holds, to see if my dreams with you are fulfilled if our plans come to fruition. But it is not possible so I will not worry about the future, I will concentrate on enjoying the present by your side and trying to do better every day because I love you. ”

“Sometimes I feel so happy by your side that I am afraid that everything will end. One cannot be happy forever, it is the law of life, whenever you are at the top it is time to fall. Whatever it is that awaits us, we must be prepared, with our love as a shield, we must face what we try to separate, and I cannot imagine my life without your love”.

Engross your partner with these original phrases for the man I love that you just read and show him once again what is important in your life.

Nice love phrases to make your partner fall in love more

Sometimes couples enter into a colorful circle that becomes routine, from work to home, from home to work, visiting our partners, a walk and the same.

Love is something that must be fed daily, it is like a rose that you must water otherwise it withers and it will cost you again to grow, that is why if you use love phrases to surprise the couple they will make love last and May every day be reborn again.

Do you want this love to last by sending love phrases? Lines below you will find beautiful phrases of love to surprise the couple, that we are sure will achieve your entire satisfaction. Don’t waste time starting today.

Download the best love phrases for free to surprise your partner:

– “A little bird told me that today has not been the best of your days and I want to be happy let me take you, hug you and kiss you and make this the best.”

– “In the sky, there is a star that illuminates both of us, which will guide our steps to take us to the altar. I love you, my queen. ”

– “Since the day that your soul joined mine, my desire to live has returned, my heart belongs to you and will belong to you forever. I adore you. ”

– “In every star I see I see your face reflected, I carry my sweet smell impregnated in my skin and at night when I sleep I feel your chest next to mine and I don’t want to wake up.”

– “Since I am with you, the impossible becomes possible and dreams come true, you are the light that illuminates me and makes my walk easy. You are what my world was missing. I love you. ”

– “I feel that my days without you become eternal, that there is no light in my life when you are not there, I would like to spend more time with you and not leave you for a second. You are the blessing that came into my life, love. ”

– “With just looking into your eyes I see what you are feeling and I can feel your heart shake, your lips provoke me and all I want is to be able to love you.” 

– “I have a happy heart and full of joy. I feel my feet dancing instead of walking because only you know how to love me. I send you infinite kisses my love to fill that great heart. ”

– “Who would say that I would fall in love was something I saw very far away. You are like an angel fallen from heaven that fell into my arms and is now mine alone. It was not difficult to fall in love with you. ”

– “I want to feel your mouth next to my mouth, feel your hands tied to mine and your body delivered to mine. You are the ideal person the perfect complement that any man would like to have. ”

– “What I longed for the most since I was with you was that you were mine forever, that you see in me a good, faithful and loyal man that could make you immensely happy and that is what I want. Thank you for allowing me to show you what I feel”

– “There are many envious people in life who only wish us bad vibes, but you and I are intelligent and know that our love is pure and true. I adore you. ”

– “Together we have gone through moments of great joys and sorrows, many doubted our own and we are still together, ours is not a whim of the moment, ours is love”

We are sure that these phrases of love to surprise the couple will be very helpful and you will feed the love they feel every day.


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