Beautiful phrases of love for your partner

Nice love phrases for your partner

We all like to receive beautiful messages that make us happy and even more so if they come from our partner who is the person we love because they make us feel that they are always up to us. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can make our dreams of sending beautiful dedications to your partner come true, either through a text message from your mobile or using social networks such as WhatsApp, Twitter, among others that give us this facility.

Having small gestures no matter how simple they are with your partner will make you very happy. Would you like to send a dedication to the person you want? Next, you will find beautiful dedications to your partner that we have all the security that will be to your liking and will give you moments of joy.

Free list of love phrases for your partner:

– “You are the strength that I need to be able to move forward, to achieve my goals and overcome myself in life, you are the one I love and want to love all my life, you are like a rain of happiness.”

– “If there were a thousand ways to express what I feel I would have done them but today I find no better way to tell you what I have inside than with a love you my love.”

– “Listening to your melodious voice, feeling your scent every day has made you steal my heart, that my life belongs to you and that I know what it is to love.”

– “I want to tell you that my heart got wings to fly and get faster to you. I love you, queen, you are the protective angel of my days. ”

– “Without knowing you, I already had you in my thoughts and my heart was already beating for you, alone our soulmates decided to come together and that was when I met love. I adore you. ”

– “We all have our defects and virtues and I am no exception, but you have managed to cope with me and help me amend my mistakes and make the best of my heart. You are very special to my love. ”

– “Thanks to you I have learned that love is real that they are not things but quite the opposite, falling in love with you has been the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me. When we are together the time does not pass, the rain does not feel and everything is nice to walk. ”

– “There are things in one’s life that leave traces in our hearts, so deep wounds difficult to heal, but since you came into my world you made these wounds heal.”

– “Who was going to think, we shared for a long time a beautiful friendship, walks, walks, movies and many other things that made me gradually fall in love with you and I am sure that we will be very happy.”

– “When I walked I always saw someone who accompanied me and it was my shadow in the middle of this loneliness, but today that you appeared as in the blink of an eye I am happy that you have come into my life.”

– “I lived in constant agony, I felt that my days were meaningless and that my future was uncertain, days went by and everything was the same, but now that you are next to me I have found a reason to live. I love you pretty. ”

– “How beautiful it is to pronounce the word Love, which being so short encompasses many horizons but it is more beautiful to feel it and that love I feel is for you, you came to my world as a gift from God.”

These beautiful dedications to your partner are full of love, affection and deep feelings that we are sure that when sent will cause a beautiful impression and feeling to your partner.


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