Beautiful phrases for my partner to forgive me on Valentine’s Day

Valentine is the date on which love floats in every corner and couples show affection with great emotion but being fought with our better half that same day can be the worst torment for a passionate heart.

Many times we can achieve forgiveness on a special date that one is friendship or love, with the right and sincere words we can reconquer a friendship or a love.

The first step is to recognize that you made a mistake and you should apologize without objection. Show that special person that you are sorry, and for best results, you can use these phrases that we leave below.

Choose the one that best suits your situation:

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“I regret everything I said, you know I was obfuscated and a lot of nonsense came to my mind but none of that has value. You are still the woman of my life and I regret my words, that’s why I want to apologize. ”

“Honey, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hurt your heart. You know that you are the most important thing for me and I will strive to repair the damage that my bad mood caused you. Excuse me please!”

“I was a fool, I recognize it, and I thought I had the world at my feet. Now I know that the most important thing in my life is you and I don’t want to lose you again. I’m sorry, love! ”

“You are right to be upset, I should have told you everything clearly. Sorry if I believe a misunderstanding but I ask you to forgive me for celebrating another Valentine’s Day by your side. I love you, baby!”

“I have sinned with pride, you deserve to be treated with more affection and dedication. I promise to listen to your advice and be the man worthy of the key to your heart again. Excuse me for Valentine, love! ”

“You are my soulmate, I want to be with you at all times and places. I know I have failed you by not keeping my word but I promise it will be the first and last time I make you cry. Sorry, honey! ”

“I have a very explosive temper and I do more damage than I would like to cause. But I am willing to change for my sake and that of our relationship because I know you deserve to be a better person and I promise that I will strive. Give me a chance please!”

“Valentine’s day is a lovely date but without you it loses meaning, I need your love. I know I acted the right way but I am sorry and I came to ask for your forgiveness. ”

“I know I should be by your side when you needed me because you are my priority. I am sorry for what happened and I ask you to give me one last chance. Let me show you that you are all that I love! ”

“I can’t sleep or have tried the food because I have a restless soul knowing that I failed you. Excuse me, love, I was very foolish and now I ask you to forgive me because without your love I will go crazy. ”

“I had everything ready for this day and my awkwardness made us discuss days before Valentine’s Day. This date means nothing if I am not by your side and I ask you to come back to me. Forgive me, sweetie! ”

“I don’t want to think that everything is lost, you are still the absolute owner of my heart. Sorry if I created a misunderstanding but I won’t get tired of telling you in a thousand ways that I feel it and I need your love. ”

“It hurts to know that those tears are my fault, I didn’t want to hurt you or cause you pain. This Valentine’s Day is a disgrace if I can’t make the woman I love have a happy heart full of love. Forgive me, princess! ”

Do not spend bitter Valentine’s Day, make peace with your sweetheart and dedicate some of these beautiful phrases to ease the pain in your heart. The best thing is that they will soon be together and any conflict with the power of love will be resolved. Cheer up and good luck!

Valentine’s messages for friends I haven’t seen for years

Although Valentine is known for being the day of the patron of lovers, it is also celebrated the day of friendship and what less date to resume contact with those old friends we had seen for a long time.

You might think it’s a little late but those ties don’t break easily so take some inspiration with these phrases for friends you haven’t seen for many years and dedicate them with all sincerity. Let these messages tell you how special they are for you.

Free download beautiful Valentine’s thoughts for friends:

“Wow we have changed, it shows that time is mischievous and we look more like our parents than we imagined, right? I am glad that this friendship day can meet you again because if I value something of that time, it is our beautiful friendship. ”

“How long has it been without seeing us? I think we have a lot to tell. I will soon be back in the city and I hope we can have coffee or go for a walk. See you, my old friend! ”

“I always wanted to know what happened in your life but I lost your track a few years ago. However, life gives us surprises and it is a pleasure to hear from you again, especially because friendship day is approaching. ”

“I’m dying to give you a hug, it cost me a lot but I could finally contact you. Even if the years pass you will always be my friend and it will be a pleasure to talk once again. Happy friendship day, my old friend! ”

“When I see you, many anecdotes come to mind, we were two imps who gave each neighbor of the main street headaches. I must say that it would be a pleasure to see you and talk for a while, the perfect setting to celebrate friendship day. ”

“Sorry that it took me so long to write to you but my life changed in an instant and I lost contact with my dear friends from years ago. I hope it is not too late to resume those good times and keep our friendship alive. Thanks for understand!”

“You don’t know how much I’ve looked for you, a friendship like yours I never want to lose. A few years ago our paths separated but nothing would make me happier than to remember the old days and talk without haste because there is much to tell. ”

“I haven’t known anything about you for a long time but don’t think I’ve forgotten the great friend you are to me. I think this is the date indicated to tell you that I miss you and I value the friendship that I shared with you”.

“Friends like you are few, that’s why I remember you in spite of all this time and on what better date than on friendship day. We were great companions and I think that, somehow, life will be in charge of getting together once again. I wish you the best, friend! ”

“I know this message will surprise you because we haven’t talked for a long time but I wanted to surprise you on this day of friendship. I hope life has treated you with love and God rewards you with happiness. ”

“Time goes by so fast that I find it hard to believe that I spent so many years without knowing anything about you. I am sorry to have been something ungrateful but I hope that on this Valentine’s Day we will relive that friendship that made us happy.

“On occasions like this I remember the good times and those friends who occupy an important place in my heart. I hope this Valentine’s Day is full of joy and keep in mind that even if the years go by your friendship will always be a blessing. ”

Do not miss the opportunity to resume those old friendships and dedicate these beautiful messages, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

Original texts and words of love for Valentine

Love does not consist in words, but in deeds. It is important that you know it. On a day as special as Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, you start thinking about the tender and loving phrases that you can dedicate to your great love.

In this article we leave you some very romantic and beautiful phrases that we have created for this commemorative day.

Make this Valentine the best you’ve ever had. Dedicate a phrase to your love and you will not regret it. Check our message list.

Download the best love phrases and texts for Valentine’s Day for free:

– “I was so lonely and sad until you came to enlighten my life and put some color on it. Thanks to you, today I am a new man, and I love you more than my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my beloved. ”

– “A happy Valentine’s Day I wish my great love, because you are the person who has filled my life and with whom I always want to be. Thank you so much for being by my side, my love. ”

– “Loving is complicated, but whoever takes the risk, comes to understand the depth of its meaning. I love you, my wonderful blue prince. Let’s have a Happy Valentine’s Day. ”

– “True love must be lived in order to understand it, because movies or books are not enough. Today that I have you by my side, I can assure you that I have found that beautiful treasure. Happy Valentine, my darling. ”

– “I fell in love with you from day one, and finally my dream of being together came true. Today I cannot believe that we are going to celebrate our first Valentine, keep in mind that I love you more than anything, sweet love of my life”.

– “Happy Valentine, my beloved. Tonight will be ours and although no one understands our way of loving us, what matters is that we are happy. I love you forever”.

– “I have stolen your heart and today I feel a great illusion. Happy Valentine’s Day, love of my life. ”

– “A heart must be taken with love, and that is how you took mine, my sweet and great love. I love you forever. You’re my whole life. Happy Valentine, my beloved beautiful. ”

– “Everything I have is for you, I love you with all my strength, and today on Valentine’s Day, I can only tell you that I love you beyond the stars. Congratulations on this day, my love. ”

Because we are always waiting for a detail of the person we love most is that we should make her feel that we love her and that we will be accompanying her at all times.

Nothing costs a small initiative to show you how much it means to us, and a small phrase dedicated from the bottom of your heart will always be well appreciated. You will see how positive this detail is on a special day like Valentine.

You know, on this page you will find messages for every special occasion and advice of all kinds, and the best thing is that they are free. Until next time!


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