Beautiful phrases for couples

Beautiful phrases for couples

Is there anyone who does not like to caress your partner with a kiss, a caress or some beautiful words? It is wonderful to be in love. When there is love there is reason to be happy in life and it drives us to be better people. When the beloved person corresponds to us, the heart of each of us jumps with happiness and all the conflicts that occupy our mind are diluted in nothingness.

When we share with the beloved person our desire is that he feels the love we have for him and that he is happy with us. As we expressed at the beginning of this report, there are several ways to cherish a couple but the ideal one you have if he or she is a long way from you is to send messages of love.

In this report we show you a series of beautiful phrases for couples. Send these phrases as text messages to your partner, and we give you the assurance that he will love you more than he already loves you.

Free list of phrases for couples:

– “For me it was only the first glance to know that you were the love dreamed of me, I love you and I hope that the next time I see you you will express the same to me”

– “In October we met and I have the idea that you are a Miracle to me of those that happen only once, I am another person in many ways for you to feel pride in being my girlfriend”

– “I love you with my whole being, just taking my heart out of my body could this feeling stop, I love you”

– “Every moment we share together I understand how beautiful life is and I thank her that put you in my way, I feel in love with you”

– “What my parents think is not interesting to me, and not they are the one in love, let’s leave the world out and enjoy our love intensely”

– “My ailments heal when I see your smile, your love has total power and achieves my happiness, I love you beautiful” 

– “I will not allow me to spend a single day without you hearing everything I feel for you, every time I have the memory of your image I can think of beautiful things to tell you, that happens to me because I love you”

– “I hope that with so much love I will not go mad because throughout the whole day my only thought is how beautiful it is to be with you”

– “You are my only salvation if something happens to me, I am sure that with your love you could extract me from the deepest well in the world”

– “I love you as you are, there is no perfection in this life but maybe our love is the closest to perfection, I love you”

– “Let me contemplate you just a few seconds to give peace and happiness to my soul, I love you more than love you” 

– “So they put chains in a jail and I could not see you the same my heart would continue beating for your cause, you give meaning to my life, and with you I achieve happiness”

We wish that these beautiful prayers for couples are pleasing to you and serve to express your greatest feelings to the being that you love.


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