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Original love phrases for my lover

Do you want the boy who conquered you to fall in love with you? Then you cannot miss a single opportunity to send her some romantic messages born of your heart, you will have her in your thoughts day and night without rest.

Would you like to have a variety of beautiful texts to send to the man of your life? Stay with us and take a look at the examples we have here for you, you will like them so much that you will want to choose them all.

Do not let more time pass and send a message with one of the following romantic texts to make your boy fall in love, you will have it eating from your hand very soon.

Wonderful love phrases for girlfriend:

“I miss you very much, I want to see you one more time to give you all this love that I feel for you. It is painful not to hear the heartbeat of that heart of yours that adores me so much. I wish we could be one to not separate anymore. ”

“When I look at your eyes I can see that you love me with madness and that only for me does your heart sigh. Please, do not stop whispering in my ear all those beautiful things that make me fall in love with you and convince me more that I want to spend your whole life with you. ”

“I do not know how you could fall in love with me having so many girls prettier than me. Thank you for giving me your heart, for giving me so many wonderful moments and for leaving inside me this hope that the future at your side will be precious. ”

“You are the man that brings peace to my life, the boy who was made just to me, the man who makes me feel safe in his arms, the most handsome gentleman that exists on the world, the lover that I always dreamed. I love you”.

“I know you’re working hours, but I want to interrupt you for a few seconds to tell you that I’m dying for you. I cannot stop sighing when I remember your passionate kisses and I hope you’ll be with me soon so you can give them to me again. ”

Poems of love for my partner:

“I hate the nights because these are the moments when I have to say goodbye to you. I wish I could stay by your side and sleep next to you, wake up by your side and do all kinds of things together. I am excited by the idea that someday we will be united and nothing will be able to separate us. ”

“I love you very much, I like your sweet kisses, your loving hands, your seductive looks, your words of love and your ideal companionship. It’s too good for me to be your partner, my beloved wonderful boy. ”

“Of all the men of the Earth, God chose the most handsome, tender and good of all to match me what happiness! I will always show you my infinite joy with many kisses, caresses and everything you ask me, since I am yours completely. ”

“I love your original way of falling in love, that elegant walk you have, that manly voice that makes me tremble with emotion, your look so deep that it strips my soul and that intense love that you only know how to give me”.

“You surprise me every day with your romantic details, what will I have done to deserve so much joy in my life? Stay in my days and fill them with a crazy and addictive eternal love. ”

“I only want life if it is with you, a kiss if it is from your lips, a caress if it comes from your hands and a look that fills me to the soul. We are for each other and nothing will ever separate us. ”

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Romantic dedications to send my partner

A few beautiful words of love for your half-half are always the cure for the sorrows of your soul. They also serve quite well to increase the flame of passion that exists between you.

For these and many more reasons, do not you think you should have this kind of detail with your special person more often?

If you agree, then guide yourself with the beautiful examples we have brought for you this time and dedicate to your partner the best love phrases.

With them you will make your relationship stronger and last a lifetime. Do not miss this opportunity and give these beautiful expressions of love for your love, you will never regret it.

Send romantic texts of love to my partner:

“A world without your presence is not conceivable, my life is not sustainable without your kisses at dawn, and a time lacking in love from you is not bearable. I need as much of you as the universe requires of God. ”

“If you leave, pain and loneliness make theirs in my head. Heal my life, remedy of my heart, eternally give me your doses of love and immunize me with your tender kisses. ”

“The look in love gives me, the scrape of my hands, the smile of my lips and my broken words that only want to tell you how much I love you”.

“I feel that the world is over and that I am in Heaven because a divine and wonderful being accompanies me with his love and charm. With you, I’m not afraid of anything other than losing you. ”

“My life shines by the light of your eyes in love that I do not want to stop contemplating. That pair of diamonds under your forehead are my bluffs in the nights of sadness and darkness, illuminate me with the love of your look, heart. ”

Sweet words of love to send to my girlfriend:

“My sincere apologies I offer you for not being a person worthy of you, how do you deserve to be with an angel of love like you? I adore you”.

“You have left me fascinated with your virtues, your defects do not detract from you, your victories I enjoy with you and your defeats are also mine. Beloved of my soul, I want to be your eternal companion. ”

“I love you so much that not repeating this expression millions of times would be enough to explain to you or 1% of what my heart feels for yours”.

“Sometimes I remember how much I liked to bother you, it was my way of telling you how much I cared. Now that you know my feelings, I can show you the best and most romantic ways. ”

“My life was like water, without flavor or color, but the honey of your love arrived that brought sweetness and a colorful passion to my days. To renounce this blessing would be worse than the very death. ”

“I feel a lot of love on my lips, come closer because I want to give it to you in the form of romantic words and passionate kisses. This love that I have inside I love you!”

“The joy of my life is you, the one who will defend your being from all evil is me, and the couple most in love in the history of humanity are us both.”

“If you feel cold, let’s get closer to the point of clearly feeling the beating of our hearts. We discover that they have agreed on the rhythm, as well as the feelings. ”

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