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Good night messages 
for boyfriends

Do you want to send beautiful and romantic good night messages?

When the day ends and we are going to rest there is always someone in our thoughts to whom we want to dedicate a tender message of good night, because it is special in our hearts…

Without a doubt, being present in the life of the beloved person makes you fill it with beautiful details such as greeting you on the day or saying goodbye with a beautiful dedication of golden dreams to your love.

Sending beautiful messages of love of good night represents a great instrument to live love to its fullest.

The best romantic texts of sweet dreams for WhatsApp

– “A magnificent night, slowly approaching and promises to be the best. Now the sun is not and does not shine every moment, but it is a beautiful moon that makes you delight. Good evening, my beautiful love. ”

– “ I give you this moon, as a sign of my love , focus all your attention on it, because there is a message that its brightness wishes to give you a night full of much rest, so you can start a new day, my love is part of you And he doesn’t want you to go far. Happy night my life. ”

– “That way begins a night after a day of work, so that you prepare your mind and free yourself from exhaustion.

My love is by your side and you never want to leave, even more so on this night that you want to consent.

Have my love, which is like a burning fire, it will come into your life and it will make you grind all your teeth, because I love you to infinity and every moment, have your mind ready tonight so that you do not feel far away. ”

– “A new day full of blessing will come into your life, so you can learn new things and be blessed forever.

May my God be with you and always remember that I love you and that I cannot live without you. Golden dreams of love!!! ”

– “Tonight, have a source of love that will never be exhausted so that the night that begins is more than beautiful, a good night hug for you , a hug that leaves you warm.

I love you so much and I always want to be by your side, don’t go. Allow me to be a part of you and I promise you, if you accept me, I will always be close to you even in your dreams. ”

Nice phrases of sweet dreams my love for boyfriends

– “A good night hug for the most immense love on the planet, for the person who is inside my dreams and who always takes them away from me, for the person who one day came into my life and neither day nor night wants to go.

I love you with all my soul that you spend a beautiful night and a new day full of my love in everything you set out to do. ”

– “Love, I want to wish you good night that you have me in your dreams and that you think that I am by your side that we will wake up together every dawn forever because we love each other, you are my life.”

– “Every night when I go to rest I hug myself tight to my pillow and I think it’s you and I would like to fill you with kisses and hugs and when I wake up I just want to fly to see you and tell you how beautiful you are, good night.”

– “I cannot imagine a single moment that would be of me without you, I find no answer, my world is all you and my life only dances to the beat of yours, good night my love.”

– “We are just at midnight and I want to wake up, to start a new day and be with you, when we are separated I really need you and there is nothing that makes me stop thinking about how much I love you. Good evening Queen. ”

Find nice good night texts to send to my girlfriend by cell phone

– “I wish that the night never ends that the hours are longer to continue in this sublime dream in which I have you in my arms and I feel your beats and I can caress your lips, have a good night my love .”

– “I want you to know that you transformed my life that I only think of you that you are in my dreams at night and day and that I never stop feeling you next to me it is as if your beats were here. Have a good night treasure. ”

– “Good night love today I will become a star that illuminates your bedroom when you go to sleep, guide your way and have a beautiful sunrise. Today I will be the one who takes care of your dreams. I don’t want anything to ever happen to you. ”

– “I can’t go to rest because first I want to tell you that you are the perfect creation that came into my life that every day I have this thirst to love you and be mine. Good night love. ”

– “Today I have had an incredible day, all the moments we have been through have been beautiful, walking hand in hand, going to eat ice cream, going for a run and much more thanks my love good night.”

– “My love, I will soon take you to the altar and we will fulfill our dream, we will have sunrises together and the hours will no longer be eternal because we will be united and share the same bedroom.

Good night dream with me. ”

– “I know that by closing your big eyes you will already be asleep but there in your dreams, I will be there to take you in my arms and know that by your side I am and will be forever good night”

These beautiful verses of love will allow you to give your partner beautiful good night intentions. There is nothing like a good rest on a night full of love.


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