Anniversary texts for bride and groom | Greetings by anniversary

Anniversary greetings 
for boyfriends 

Do you talk with your partner all day on WhatsApp? Then this article is for you, because today we are going to leave you some ideas so that you have inspiration and dedicate the most beautiful greetings to your half when your anniversary day arrives.

You can choose to use letters, text messages, a post on Facebook and even your own voice to send these beautiful sentences to your partner, but we suggest you use WhatsApp because you can include photos, videos, emoticons and much more from the comfort of your cell phone

Cute messages to wish my boyfriend happy anniversary:

“My life, Happy Anniversary! Did you know that I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow? That means that my feeling for you never stops growing, just as the number of smiles I’ll steal from you when you’re next to me will not stop growing. ”

“Among all the millions of men who inhabit the Earth, my eyes could only, can and will be fixed only on you.

It does not matter if you get old and start to look different, because your essence makes me fall in love more than your body. Happy Anniversary! “.

“I searched for many years without obtaining results, and one day, without intending it, I met you and I realized that my search had finally come to an end. Happy Anniversary! Today we celebrate that we find each other to be together until the end of time. “
“Today I want to thank you for having been with me one more year. You do not know how much it means to give me your time, because it is one of the few things in life that cannot be recovered. I love you, may we live our Anniversary! “.
“Do you know what the best decision of my life was? Being with you, then, in another way, would never have reached these levels of happiness.

You’ve fallen in love to the core and let me tell you that I want you to have me like this forever. Happy Anniversary! ”

Tender anniversary dedications for my partner:

“Happy Anniversary, love of my life! Today we celebrate 365 triumphs of our relationship over the different adversities that the world has been putting in front of us. Are we the most? Of course, and we can be much more, together. ”

“You did not have to buy me such a beautiful present, although I thank you with all my heart, and do you know why you should not?

Because you are already the best gift you can give me, so come closer I want to give a big kiss to my favorite gift, the only one I need to be happy. Long live our Anniversary! “.

“When I see you, I am very happy. How can I not be if God destined me for his most beautiful and precious creature? I love you, my girlfriend, and I’m sure it would saturate WhatsApp if I started writing you the reasons, because they are endless. Happy Anniversary! “.
“All the good things in life, that’s you for me, beloved boyfriend Happy Anniversary! Now that I’ve greeted you, I ask you to leave the WhatsApp and get ready because I want us to go out and have fun and enjoy life celebrating our new year together. “
“I want to have the happiness of being able to come to this day every year to hug you and tell you while I kiss you: Happy Anniversary! Little heart, hurry to leave home soon the day is short and the list of things to do today, endless.
“As soon as a year has passed? I can hardly believe it. I really hope that our lives are very long lived, otherwise we cannot enjoy as much as we want this beautiful relationship we have. Happy Anniversary, my love! “.
We hope you and your half-half have a wonderful anniversary.

Precious wedding anniversary phrases

Spending your life with the person you love is the most beautiful when you have a relationship. Time usually passes quickly when you are with that special being, and without you noticing, another anniversary of your relationship arrives.

If this important date has taken you by surprise and you want to dedicate something special to the person who stole your heart, you can count on the following phrases that you will find in the next lines.

They will help you write to your half of the most precious love letters that there may be. Go ahead and take a look.

Romantic congratulations to my partner for our anniversary:

“Time has flown by, I cannot believe we’ve been together for three years now, my life. Best of all, this is the last time we celebrate in this way, because the next will be as husband and wife Happy Anniversary, my boyfriend! May God continue to grant us this beautiful love that we have. ”

“Amorite Happy first year of boyfriends! I can never forget how my heart was beating that night when I asked you to be my fiancée.

So far, that has been the most glorious passage of my life, but I know that much more wonderful ones await us. ”

“My beloved, Happy Anniversary! Thank you for filling all the spaces of my life with your immense and ideal love. This world can be very hard sometimes, but by your side, any adversity becomes full happiness. ”

“You are the most handsome and handsome man of all, my boyfriend. I thank you for this first year of so much love.

I’m dying because the time goes on, to continue enjoying this life by your side and discover how far the happiness that the human being can feel happy Anniversary! “.

“I cannot resist your hugs, your kisses and your looks. Even if it bothers you, we always reconcile because we are made for each other. Is not it great what you and I have? Happy Anniversary, my sweet beloved! ”

Poems of love for our wedding anniversary:

“I always dreamed of a blue prince like you, and today I have the pleasure of having him by my side and celebrating, with him, another year of courtship. What will I have done to be so happy? I do not know, but what I’m sure of is that I want to live like this forever. ”

“Beautiful princess Happy Anniversary! Thank you for healing the wounds of my heart and bathing it in your pure and sincere love. Today I am a new man for you and for you. May life continue to give us many more years to celebrate them together? ”

“I still remember the extreme happiness I felt when you accepted to be my girlfriend, my beautiful. I did not think that, someday, I would come to deserve so much blessing.

Today, my heart belongs to you entirely and my soul will be, even beyond death. Long live our Anniversary! “.

“What does not the perfect woman exist? I do not know who said that, but it was certainly someone who has not had the good fortune of knowing you as I do to you, queen of my love. Happy Anniversary! May joy and peace be those who are most present in our relationship for the rest of our lives? ”

“It’s been a year since we got engaged and I cannot count, ever since, not a single day that has not been happy by your side. Sweetheart, May our Anniversary live! And let many more come. ”

Cause a great emotion in the heart of the beloved by dedicating some of these beautiful phrases. See you soon.


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